2016 Colts Free Agent Watch: Coby Fleener

Intro: Over the next few weeks, Colts.com will take a look at the team’s unrestricted free agents. Next up is tight end Coby Fleener.


INDIANAPOLISThe best ability is availability.

At some point over the course of an NFL season, head coaches around the league will speak something very similar to the phrase above.

In a league often defined by attrition, a skill player suiting up every game in three straight seasons is extremely impressive.

That's Coby Fleener.

Since 2013, Fleener is one of just four NFL tight ends to have played in every game.

He's the only Colts player (non-specialist) to have not missed a game in the past three seasons.

Reaching the end of his rookie contract, Fleener enters free agency for the first time trying not to consume himself in the uncertain weeks that inevitably lie ahead.

"This offseason for me is no different than any other," Fleener said when the Colts cleaned their lockers out in early January. "Take some time to rest and kind of heal up. Then hit the weight room, running and all that stuff.

"The business side of things will take care of itself. It's out of my control. I pay someone to deal with (my contract). Thankfully, for me, I can just put my head down and train."

Similar to Dwayne Allen, albeit on a far lesser scale, Fleener saw his production dip in 2015.

Fleener once again eclipsed the 50-catch mark (54 receptions), but he averaged just 9.1 yards per catch (15.2 YPC last year).

The 6-6, 251-pound Fleener also had 17 fewer first-down receptions this past season.

It was mentioned in the free agent write-up on Allen, but it should be noted here: What is Rob Chudzinski looking for in his "main" tight end?

Does the reliability of a guy like Fleener make the uniquely built tight end more appealing than other options?

What the Colts do at tight end, with or without Fleener, could rise the offseason storyline list.

Is a combination of Fleener/Allen plus Jack Doyle (a restricted free agent) enough for Chud's offense?

Do the Colts have the resources to bring back both Fleener/Allen (assuming Fleener/Allen would want to return together)?

One thing is for sure that when the Colts higher ups discuss Fleener in the coming weeks, that availability will be hard to ignore.

"There are a lot of things that aren't up to me," Fleener says of his future.

"If the Colts don't ask me back, yes, I would to play for another team. But the Colts are my No. 1 priority right now."

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