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2016 Cheerleader of the Week: Jessica G.

Meet the Colts Cheerleader Of The Week


Colts cheerleader Jessica G. grew up in Louisville, Kentucky and started dancing when she turned four.

"I actually started on my fourth birthday. My mom took me to my first ballet class the day I turned four. It was a small studio. My teacher actually ran it out of her attic. It was a hardwood floor studio and there were just a couple girls and obviously, it got bigger. But that's where it all started was at her house."

Highlights from Jessica's 2017 Colts Cheerleaders Swimsuit Calendar Shoot. (Freetown, IN)

She went into competitive dance, including jazz, pop, hip-hop and even danced with the Louisville Ballet before attending the University of Louisville where she danced on the Louisville Ladybirds dance team for four years.


Now in her second season, Jessica is one of three former Ladybirds on the Colts Cheerleaders squad. And she loves the precedent they're setting.

"We've sparked an interest in some of those younger girls, which is great for the Colts program because coming from Louisville, it's very similar to what we do up here with the Colts. It's a good way to feed those girls in and get them interested to come up here and audition."

Not only is she helping to turn Ladybirds into Colts Cheerleaders, Jessica is also helping to turn college football fans into NFL fans and better yet – Colts fans. And her biggest fan is helping her do it.


"My mom loves Facebook and loves to share all of my posts and all of the Colts Cheer posts. So, all of her friends and family – she's actually from a small town in Western Kentucky – they all vote for me and follow us. They're like, 'I watch the games on Sunday now so I can see you.'"


One of her best memories as a Colts Cheerleader so far was having her mom, a retired 25-year Army veteran, at last year's Salute to Service game.

"She loves being thanked for her service," she says. "She wore her Army hat with all her pins on it. I know she ate it up getting thanked by everyone and seeing everything that we did, the National Anthem when the Eagle, Challenger, flew – she has to remember everything that happened at that game. It was so fun knowing that it was important to her and that I was a part of it."

On Sunday, her dad, a 20-year veteran of the Army who served in Desert Storm and Desert Shield, will be attending this year's Salute to Service game. He's also a new Colts season ticket member.

"He loves the games. He actually didn't think that he would enjoy them as much as he does. He's always like, 'That was just the best.' He's so entertained."

The girl from Kentucky has made a life for herself in Indiana.

"I love it because it's very similar to Louisville. It's close to home, so I can go home for a weekend if I want, but it's also different enough that I feel like I've moved away and I've done something that I never thought I would do."

And she's just getting started.

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