Official Podcast: Parris Campbell In Year Two, Stadium Crowd Noise And T.Y. Hilton

Matt Taylor, Jim Sorgi and Jeffrey Gorman bring you this week's Colts Official Podcast.

0:00 – 8:20 Should the NFL pump in stadium crowd noise in 2020 if fans aren't allowed in the stands?

8:21 – 10:05 What did you think of Dolphins' owner Stephen Ross saying there will be NFL football in 2020?

10:06 – 15:01 What does year two look like for Parris Campbell in the Colts' offense?

15:02 – 17:31 Did the NFL make the right call in eliminating pass interference challenges after just one season?

17:32 – 19:30 Does every Colts receiver have to know every wide receiver pattern in the playbook?

19:31 – 22:28 Is it possible the Colts have too many weapons on offense next season and not enough footballs to go around?

22:29 – 29:10 Does the Colts' offense still revolve around T.Y. Hilton?

29:11- 30:49 What's the Colts record if they have an elite running game?

30:50 – 37:58 Will you watch the Tom Brady nine-part documentary series next year?

37:59 – 41:44 What do you think of the 4th and 15 play possibly taking the place of an onside kick in 2020?

41:42 – 48:03 How many years will Phillip Rivers be the quarterback for the Colts?