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Colts 2020 Uniform And Brand Updated | Indianapolis Colts -


A New Look For 2020

The Colts are rolling out an evolved look for 2020. Learn more about what's changing and what's staying.

2020 Changes

Brand changes in 2020 include a new secondary logo, new wordmark, evolved uniform and an expanded color palette

Colts Logo Line-Up

\[Image of primary horseshoe logo\]

The Horseshoe remains our most iconic and timeless mark worn by some of the greatest players in NFL history and loved by some of football's greatest fans, Colts Nation.

\[graphic featuring the new secondary logo\]

The new secondary mark will be used to complement the Horseshoe and will be featured on a variety of fan gear and subtly integrated into our evolved uniform design.

\[Image of historic, bucking horse logo\]

A nod to our Baltimore roots, the "Bucking Horse" logo will be tied to historical or throwback campaigns.

New Secondary Logo

For more than 35 years, we've called Indiana home. Together, we've shared countless memories with Hoosiers across our great state and forged a legacy of entertaining, inspiring and uniting by winning the right way. Our new secondary logo honors our rich history, cements our real and lasting connection to Indiana, and embraces the exciting future that lies ahead.

\[Image of the new secondary logo\] Secondary Mark Explanation: "C" - The "C" is taken from our new wordmark and provides an evolved, more modern look; Grommets - The seven grommets mirror those found on our iconic and timeless Horseshoe; Shape of Indiana - The outline of Indiana is carved out inside the "C" to honor our home state and community.

Changing The Wordmark

We're introducing an evolved design for our wordmark. The new wordmark incorporates some modern elements while embracing some of the design features from our traditional mark. With this new design, our traditional wordmark becomes a classic mark and will be used primarily for historical or throwback campaigns and gear.

\[Image featuring the traditional COLTS wordmark next to the new COLTS wordmark to be used in 2020\]

Uniform Updates in 2020

\[Images showing the uniform updates for 2020\] Uniform Changes include: Secondary Logo - The new secondary logo will be added to the inside neckline; Nike Swoosh - The Swoosh on our Away white jerseys will change from Speed Blue to our new tertiary color: Anvil Black; Numbers - The numbers will change slightly to honor our rich history - they will mirror hose worn by the team in the 1950's and 1960's; Wordmark Decal - The wordmark decal on the front and back of the helmet will be updated to reflect our new wordmark.

Expanded Color Palette

Blue and White will remain our most recognizable and prominent colors. In addition, our lighter Facemask Gray will continue to be used on our helmet. This year, we are expanding our color palette to include Anvil Black. This hue is inspired by the color of an anvil used to make horseshoes, and represents the hard work and resolve of our team and our fans.

Official Colts Color Details: Speed Blue - Pantone: 654 C, CMYK: 100 / 67 / 0 / 41, HEX #013369, RGB: 1 / 51 / 105; White - Pantone: White, CMYK: 0 / 0 / 0 / 0, HEX #ffffff, RGB: 255 / 255 / 255; Facemask Gray - Pantone: 429 C, CMYK: 5 / 0 / 0 / 30, HEX #A5ACAF, RGB: 165 / 172 / 175; Anvil Black - Pantone: 433 C, CMYK: 80 / 70 / 60 / 70, HEX #1D252C, RGB: 29 / 37 / 44