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Will The Colts Get Anthony Castonzo Back For The Texans Game On Sunday?

Intro: A rare three weeks away from football has offered some interesting perspective for Anthony Castonzo. Will the Colts get Castonzo back when they face J.J. Watt and the Houston Texans?


INDIANAPOLIS – In his three games away from football this season, Anthony Castonzo has learned something about himself.

He's not a very calm fan.

"I think my girlfriend can attest to that," Castonzo said of missing his first NFL action since 2011.

"I'm yelling at the TV regardless of it's a good thing, a bad thing. I didn't even realize I would be that animated."

A sprained MCL late in the win over Atlanta has forced Castonzo to sit out the last three weeks.

Castonzo is hopeful to get on the practice field Wednesday and his return would come at an ideal time with J.J. Watt and the Texans front seven coming to town on Sunday.

"I'm definitely optimistic," Castonzo said of playing on Sunday.

"Went out (Monday), did some stuff and it felt really good. Definitely still got a little bit more to overcome but feeling pretty good. This is one that I'm definitely wanting to be back by."

Consider Castonzo antsy to get back to work on the field.

The thought of having to watch another game isn't something Castonzo wants to do again come Sunday afternoon.

"It's weird being able to see everything going on, because on the field you have tunnel vision on who you have to block and what you have to do," Castonzo says of watching games on TV the past few weeks. "To see everything coming (on TV), 'Here comes the blitz. Here comes the blitz.' You can see it because the overhead view and you're like, 'What are you doing? You could see that coming.'

"You can see why people who are watching the game say what they do because it seems so obvious, but it's such a different perspective when you're on the field. It's a different way to watch it and it was kind of surreal to me. When I watch other teams play I'm pretty zeroed in on the left tackle. But when I'm watching our own team, it's the success of the team. I was watching Joe (Reitz) and Denzelle (Good) a lot but it becomes a bigger thing and it was pretty weird for me."

Being an observer is definitely something Castonzo is not used to in his fifth NFL season.

The Colts future at left tackle had started 66 straight games before the sprained MCL on Nov. 22.

Time away from the game has instilled some perspective for Castonzo.

"I just made this revelation watching the game on TV, it is a big thing," Castonzo says. "I've played in so many games, you almost take it for granted that the next game is coming up and it's almost a robotic/mechanical thing. Sometimes you forget about how much you love the game.

"Being out for a few weeks, watching our guys come in from practice and come in from games and have that stress from a game on Sunday, that thing you get to look forward to, you really miss it. I've kind of re-realized how much I enjoy playing football so I can't wait to get back out there and I think I am going to approach it with a different attitude, more than just I'm doing this because it's my job and this is how I do it. Do everything right, because I really love it and I've re-found that."

Anthony Castonzo highlights.

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