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Why Did The Colts Not Make A Deal At Trade Deadline?

Intro: The NFL trade deadline came and passed on Tuesday without the Colts making a deal. Why did the Colts, like pretty much the entire NFL, stay quiet on Tuesday?


INDIANAPOLIS – The buzz around the NFL trade deadline is something that never equates to what we see in MLB, or even the NBA.

While we did see the Patriots send Pro Bowler LB-Jamie Collins to the Browns on Monday, it was another quiet trade deadline for the NFL---which officially ended Tuesday at 4:00 p.m. ET.

The Colts were one of the numerous teams who did not make a move.

With draft picks of major, major value to the Colts going forward, the wheeling and dealing in Indy never really made too much sense.

General Manager Ryan Grigson explained on his weekly radio show Monday night why finding the right trade fit is so difficult.

"In terms of trades, people have to understand that to be able to execute a trade, to carry the contract, it has to be the right money that you can actually even fit cash-to-cap-wise within your organization," Grigson said on Monday.

That's just part of the trade dilemma.

"Do you know the player? Is he a clean-character guy? Does he fit what you're trying to do? And how do you see him actually in the near-term being able to even contribute? Will he be able to learn the system in enough time to even be a factor this year? Because he might have a year left on his deal.

"So there's a lot of factors that come into play, and you also have to look really hard at, is Player B significantly better than what you might already have in-house, but maybe doesn't have quite the experience yet that we don't know the ceiling on yet? So you kind of set yourself back at times if you make those moves. So I've learned a lot in these past four years. We have a different mindset, so to speak, and want to make sure that anybody that we bring in here is the right fit for what the coaches are trying to do or the right fit character-wise, and it's got to fit on multiple levels, because these picks … are too valuable to just throw away."

Finding an agreeable trade partner that is eager too, especially with teams not wanting to trade any asset to a contending team that they view as a threat.

"When you're really in need at a position, and we have before — and even when you have significant competition on the table that's attractive as all heck — those teams aren't giving up their best players at their positions. I mean, they're not. And a lot of times, at certain key positions they're hard to come by in this league; they're not willing to part with their third guy that's not even seeing significant snaps. And that makes it tough. So it has to be the perfect situation a lot of times, and trade's got to work for both parties for it to be a good trade."

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