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What Do You Think Of These Alternate Colts Uniform Concepts?

Nick Heller of Prime8 Sports Concepts + Designs on Tuesday released a couple new Indianapolis Colts uniform concepts. What do you think?


INDIANAPOLIS —Last month, we got to see the Indianapolis Colts don a blue-on-blue look for the first time in franchise history as part of the NFL's "Color Rush" theme on Thursday Night Football.

It was a sharp look for the Colts, who have traditionally stuck with their blue and white jerseys with white pants look for the better part of six decades.

A fun sneak peak at the Colts Color Rush uniforms that they will wear Thursday night against the Broncos.

In this writer's opinion: now that they're out there, why not throw on the blue pants for one game each season? Mix it up.

Speaking of "mix it up," Nick Heller of Prime8 Sports Concepts Designs on Tuesday certainly did just that when it came to the Colts' uniforms, as he released a couple new alternate uniform concepts for the team to wear at home and on the road.

At home, he has a much darker shade of blue taking over the helmet and the jersey, with the Colts' current "speed blue" color still in use in spots, as well.

The road look, meanwhile, features a gray helmet (with blue horseshoe, stripe and facemask) and continues the gray theme down on the jersey and the pants, with white numbers/letters and stripes up top and blue and white stripes on the pants.

Of this look, Heller writes: "I had a ton of requests for a black alternate uni, but felt it was too disparate from their current style. Instead, I added black to their current colors and darkened up both Home/Away uniforms with some smaller accent color tweaks."

The catch, of course, is the NFL now only allows a team to distribute one helmet to its players each season, so changing to a dark blue and/or silver helmet would be tough, but these are still interesting concepts nonetheless.

Here are all of Heller's Colts concepts:


What do you think? Tweet Nick @prime8sports and let him know.

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