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What Do Adam Vinatieri And Pat McAfee Think Of The NFL's New Extra Point Rule?

Intro: On Tuesday, NFL Owners passed a new proposal pushing extra point attempts back to the 15-yard line for the 2015 season. What do the Colts kickers think of the rule change?





INDIANAPOLIS – The trip to the concourse for NFL fans immediately following touchdowns will have to be put on hold in 2015.

On Tuesday afternoon, at the Spring Meetings in San Francisco, NFL Owners passed a proposal to move the extra point attempt back to the 15-yard line for next season.

Teams will have the option to either go for two points from the two-yard line, or attempt a PAT from the 15-yard line (about a 33-yard field goal). Defenses also can return the two-point try (via fumble or interception) for two points.

Rumblings of changes to the extra point have picked up steam the past few months with a final decision coming this week.

Adam Vinatieri will now enter his 20th NFL season trotting to a different yard-line following a touchdown, for the first time in his illustrious career.

"I'm a traditionalist," Vinatieri said on Tuesday. "I like the way it (was), but I understand they are trying to change the league to make it different."

Where Vinatieri thinks the move will cause some indecision in coaches will be when Mother Nature rears her ugly head.

"Early in the year, I don't think it changes much," Vinatieri said of the PAT rule change on Tuesday.

"I think come playoff time, when it's windy, cold and fields are in crummy conditions, it might change some stuff."

You can bet that teams, if they haven't already, will now be crunching numbers to see how they should play the odds of going for two-point conversions, or sticking with the PAT.

Last year, field goals attempted from 30-39 yards were converted at a 90.1 percent clip.

For comparison's sake, teams converted 28 of the 59 two-point conversions attempted last season (47.5 percent).

Chuck Pagano was asked back in March about possible changes to the extra point rule. At the Annual League Meetings, Pagano said that any modifications would get people (coaches) thinking from a strategy standpoint in trying to weigh when, or if, to for two points.

Of course, with a kicker like Vinatieri coming off an All-Pro season, Pagano has the luxury of a future Hall of Famer running out there each time.

"I think we've been preparing for this ever since they instituted this in the (2014) preseason," punter/holder Pat McAfee said on Tuesday.

"It will add a little competition to the extra point, but I also think it will put a little bit more emphasis on kickers to be good. If you have a good kicker, it's really going to show because you kick more extra points and field goals obviously. We have the greatest of all-time on our team, so it should be a lot of fun."

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