Wide receiver Reggie Wayne has provided a lifetime of memories for Colts fans. The second-leading receiver in every category in Colts history, Wayne has cemented his place in Colts lore. On Thursday night, his touchdown catch in the northwest corner of Lucas Oil Stadium with 19 seconds left provided the winning score in a 19-16 Colts victory.*

INDIANAPOLIS – Reggie Wayne's pre-game routine in Lucas Oil Stadium is to visit the northeast corner of the playing field after introductions. 

There he engages the fans to be a meaningful part of the action.  Signs bearing, "Reggie," accompany the chorus of the one-word cheer.  Wayne then moves westward to do the same with the fans at the northwest corner before pausing at the goal-line, leaping a time or two to loosen up and then joining teammates on the bench.

It is his history in the northwest corner that Colts fans remember.

Wayne caught a one-yard scoring pass from Peyton Manning against New England in that corner 2009 with 13 seconds left in a dramatic 35-34 comeback victory. 

Lightning struck again Thursday against Houston when Wayne duplicated the feat with 19 seconds left, snaring a one-yard toss from Dan Orlovsky as Indianapolis prevailed, 19-16.

When asked if the northwest corner could be named after Wayne, Colts personnel responded with smiles.

"That's his corner," said center Jeff Saturday.  "That's the 'Reggie Corner.' "

Vice Chairman Bill Polian is one of the least likely individuals to use monikers for players or achievements.  In the warm feeling of the post-game locker room, he broke course to laud the veteran receiver. 

"That's Wayne's World," said Polian.

Head Coach Jim Caldwell knows prime real estate when he sees it.  He knows Wayne has established residency in the northwest corner.

"It is his corner," said Caldwell.  "It was against New England, and it was tonight.  Reggie has had so many big games around here that it's just immeasurable what he's been able to do for us.  He was eager and anxious to go in this game because he knew he was going to get man-to-man coverage.  He was looking for his opportunities, and he came through in the clutch."

Wayne had eight receptions for 106 yards against Houston.  The last drive was a vintage two-minute effort that fans have seen the club execute on numerous occasions.  Wayne was a big part of the action, hauling in a 34-yard pass on third-and-seven near mid-field with a minute to go.  On first-and-goal from the one, he leaped high to bring down Orlovsky's pass for the score.

When presented with the notion that the corner of the field should be known as "Wayne's World," the Pro Bowl receiver paused, then took the whole field.

"I don't know about that.  I consider all corners (the same)," said Wayne.  "I'm just glad Dan gave me an opportunity to make a play.  He threw the ball in a good spot.  The rest was just for me to go up and catch it."

The 78-yard drive started with 1:56 left on the clock, and the march took 12 plays to conclude.  It was up tempo for the attack, and it is a mode Wayne and his teammates like having.  They have accomplished quick scoring drives many times in the past with Manning at the controls, and they were comfortable with Orlovsky, who was making his fourth start with Indianapolis.

"That's kind of our bag," said Wayne of the fast-paced offense.  "As receivers, that's all we ask for.  We just keep asking for two minutes, two minutes.  We know we're, for one, we're going to throw the ball.  We also know it tires the defense out.  Hopefully, we can get a cheap play if they get tired.  Dan did a great job leading us down (the field).  He has ice water in his veins.  He kept pushing and did a good job.

"He's a veteran.  He's been doing this for a long, long time.  He's been chopping wood.  He was resilient.  He just stuck in there and kept playing ball.  He led us down the field in two minutes."

Indianapolis practices the two-minute offense at the end of each Thursday's practice.  In a game at the New York Jets in 2006, the offense had to conduct two two-minute drives to get a victory.  Then Head Coach Tony Dungy calmed matters by telling Manning to treat the situation as "Another Thursday on 56th Street," the location of the team's practice site.  It became part of the team culture in subsequent years, and Wayne liked the most recent application of that methodology.

"That's what it was," said Wayne.  "When it down to two minutes, it was, 'This is what we do.  This is how we make our money right here.'  It was just like Thursday.  Dan called the plays.  We executed.  He did a great job putting the ball where we could catch it."

Wayne has kidded Orlovsky in the past couple of weeks, urging the signal-caller to look his way, which is usually the left side of the offense.  He did it again this week.

"For the last two weeks, I've seen Dan at his locker studying his game plan, sweating," said Wayne.  "It looks like he has a lot on his mind.  I just walk by, 'Throw left.  Just throw left.'  He did that today, and I was glad he believed in me."

Orlovsky likes the reminders, and he is quite fond of Wayne's abilities.

"I don't have enough time (to say everything I could say about him)," said Orlovsky.  "He continues to walk by my locker and say, 'Throw it left.'  He ran by me in pre-game and said, 'Throw it left.'  Then he smiled.  I was sitting in my room today and was thinking it's the last home game this year and there's a question mark what could happen with him (in the future).  I made a promise to myself that if it came to a point in the game where someone needed to make a play it was going to go left.  He's special, he's special.  He's done a lot of great things for this place, this organization and this team.  There's no one more deserving.  He's as good as they come."

Saturday is one of many Colts who never tires of watching Wayne's magic.  He likes the magical moments that will be remembered in that corner.

"What else can the dude do, I mean, what else can he do?  He makes a catch down the middle to get us down there, then he makes a crazy catch in the end zone over a guy," said Saturday.  "That's what he wants.  Just get him the ball, and he makes the most of it.  That's his corner.  That's the 'Reggie Corner.' "

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