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Top 10 Quotes: 2016 OTAs, Week 2

Intro: With OTAs now at their halfway point for the Indianapolis Colts, check out some of the top quotes from the players and head coach Chuck Pagano about how the team is progressing so far.


INDIANAPOLIS — The Indianapolis Colts' offseason so far is flying by.

Already, the team finds itself at the halfway point of its OTAs, meaning minicamp — and then training camp — are right around the corner.

Head coach Chuck Pagano is already sensing the kind of identity that his team is building heading into the regular season.

"Guys are working hard. Seeing a lot of guys growing, a lot of guys getting better, young guys developing — a lot of good stuff going on," he said. "...We're continuing to throw stuff at them, and they're doing a nice job with it."

In other words: the foundation is in place. Now it's time to continue to grow.

With that in mind, let's take a look back at some of the top quotes from the players and Pagano from Week 2 of OTAs:

• "T.Y. is having as good an offseason as anybody, probably better than anybody right now. There's a lot of good stuff going on out there, but I've never seen this guy practice as fast as he's practicing right now and competing at the level he's competing at and leading the way that he's leading. He's done it day in and day out." — Head coach Chuck Pagano, when asked if it was odd that T.Y. Hilton is now the veteran presence in the receiver room.

• "Yeah, it's not something that I was worried about. My mind wasn't really on that. I'm glad that we came to great terms and we found a deal. I signed the papers and I'm officially a Colt now and that's special for me." — Safety T.J. Green, on signing his rookie contract with the Colts.

• "I was a lead-by-example guy, but now I'm being more vocal just talking to those guys, making sure they're on the same page as Andrew (Luck) or Scott (Tolzien) and just continue to get better." — Wide receiver T.Y. Hilton, on his evolution as a leader.

• "Yeah, it's definitely tested me. It definitely has but I have a great support system: Robert Mathis, Trent Cole, some of the veterans, guys who have been through it before. Those guys have been awesome. I'm sticking to the plan, my blinders are on, I'm working hard and I can't wait to go." — Defensive tackle Arthur Jones, on the frustrations of being injured and unable to play last season.

• "For sure. There were a lot of starters that went down last year just speaking league wide. But you never know when your time is going to come and that's my job (is) to be ready. Some would say it's the greatest job in the world and I wouldn't dispute that. I love my job but you always have to be ready and you never know when that's going to be. So you have to prepare each week like the starter just like I alluded to earlier." — Quarterback Scott Tolzien, on if last year's injuries were a reminder of the importance of having a backup quarterback who is ready to play.

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• "No. Nope. Because my goal doesn't change — I'm gonna go hard and play hard like it's going to be my last season, and that's how I approached season two, three, four, five and six. And I'm gonna continue to take that approach until I get that ring, you know? And even when I get the ring, I'm still not content. I'm a worker, I'm gonna grind and leave my approach the same. I mean, that's what's kept me in the league." — Safety Mike Adams, on if he approaches his 13th offseason in the NFL any differently than the previous years.

• "Yeah, I like it. I see a lot of potential — and they're a hungry group. That's all you need, really, on this level, coming in from the college level is just be hungry, just to learn from your mistakes, learn from your scars, and move on. Because you're gonna get beat, you're gonna miss a call or blow an assignment, but it's about learning and not letting it happen again and having that competitive edge to get better every day." — Cornerback Darius Butler, on what he's noticed out of the Colts' 2016 rookie class.

• "I'd say production. You know, last year I was really focused on trying to take care of my gap, trying to make sure that I did my assignment — and that's not gonna change — but I also want to be an impact player out there." — Defensive tackle David Parry, on what he hopes to bring to the table in his second year in the NFL in 2016.

• "It's been very impressive. You know, I've always been impressed, first of all, with just his work ethic and the time he puts into it, and he's always trying to learn; he's always asking questions, and he's really done an impressive job. If you really think about it, just playing football before and starting at the NFL to where he's at today is so impressive, and I'm very happy for him just because of the person he is." — Tight end Jack Doyle, on basketball-turned-football player and fellow tight end Mo Alie-Cox.

• "Definitely. You know, at first, it was almost a little overwhelming, just because you're learning a new playbook and you're learning all these new technique stuff, but it's been something that I've been able to kind of embrace lately, and it's been fun to get to know all of the guys and just to have that same team feel to it." — Rookie offensive lineman Joe Haeg, on continuing to get acclimated to the NFL.

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