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The Super Bowl - An American Classic (Sunday Edition)

Seattle and Denver meet on Sunday in New Jersey in Super Bowl XLVIII. The Super Bowl is the top sporting event for millions of people worldwide. takes a daily look at the top championship event in sports.





INDIANAPOLIS – The Super Bowl holds a definite grip on the worldwide sporting landscape, and this Sunday's contest between Seattle and Denver should mark the sixth straight year the event will draw more than 150 million viewers.

From Super Bowl I to XLVIII, the game has grown – from 39.9 million viewers to 164.1.  With it have come "Notes, Quotes and Anecdotes" that entertain NFL fans everywhere.


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Super Bowl I ticket prices were $12, $10 and $6.  The first time Super Bowl ticket prices topped $100 was Super Bowl XXII.  The first time Super Bowl ticket prices topped $1,000 was Super Bowl XLIII.  Ticket prices in the Colts' four Super Bowls were:  III -- $12; V -- $15; XLI -- $700, $600; XLIV -- $1,000, $900, $800, $500.

Television Rating and Shares for Super Bowls involving the Colts – Super Bowl III – Rating-36.0/Share 70; Super Bowl V – Rating-39.9/Share 75; Super Bowl XLI – Rating-42.6/Share 64; Super Bowl XLIV – Rating-45.0/Share 68.  Rating is a percentage of all TV Households watching the Super Bowl.  Share is a percentage of all Households Using TV watching the Super Bowl.  Total viewership for Super Bowl III was 54.5 million.  Total viewership for Super Bowl V was 58.5 million.  Total viewership for Super Bowl XLI was 139.8 million.  Total viewership for Super Bowl XLIV was 153.4 million.

Super Bowl XLIV between the Colts and Saints was the eighth meeting of top-seeded teams from the AFC and NFC, but it was the first one in 16 years.  Prior to Super Bowl XLIV, the last meeting of top-seeded teams was Super Bowl XXVIII between Dallas and Buffalo.  Super Bowl XLVIII between Seattle and Denver was the ninth meeting of top seeds.

The past 15 Super Bowls have featured 15 different Super Bowl runner-ups.

The Colts' win in Super Bowl XLI came 36 years after the franchise's win in Super Bowl V.  It marked the longest gap between Super Bowl wins for any franchise.  The only franchise's that can break the mark would be the New York Jets who won Super Bowl III and the Kansas City Chiefs who won Super Bowl IV.

Five coaches have taken two different teams to Super Bowls – Don Shula (Colts/Miami); Dick Vermeil (Philadelphia/St. Louis); Dan Reeves (Denver/Atlanta); Bill Parcells (NY Giants/New England); Mike Holmgren (Green Bay/Seattle).

Super Bowl teams with the fewest turnovers are 35-3 (.921).

Super Bowl teams with the time of possession advantage are 35-12 (.745).

Super Bowl teams with the most time-consuming scoring drive during the game are 36-11 (.766).

A total of 12 Super Bowls have featured re-matches between teams from a regular-season meeting.  The team that lost the regular-season game is 7-5.  The most recent such Super Bowl was XLII, with the Giants beating the Patriots after the Patriots beat the Giants in the regular season.

SUPER BOWL – Quote/Unquote

"I have four words for you:  Let's do it again." – Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard on hosting another Super Bowl after having Super Bowl XLVI

"The game with the Roman numerals dwarfs championships decided on diamonds, courts and ice.  Other sports can only envy the enormity of the Super Bowl," – USA Today

"…an American rite of sports and marketing that was born in relative modesty, but has grown to be the undisputed champion of sports extravaganzas." – New York Times

"History of America, Part I (1776-1966):  Declaration of Independence, Constitutional Convention, Louisiana Purchase, Civil War, Reconstruction, World War I, Great Depression, New Deal, World War II, TV, Cold war, civil-rights movement, Vietnam.  History of America, Part II (1967-present): the Super Bowl era.  The Super Bowl has become Main Street's Mardi Gras." – Norman Chad

"Some things just don't make sense, and that was one of them.  What's really what it comes down to is just making the play.  Eli did an unbelievable job.  I honestly don't know how he got it out.  And when the ball is in the air, you have to go get it." – David Tyree, New York Giants, on his fourth-quarter catch from Eli Manning in Super Bowl XLII

"The Super Bowl is about opportunity.  To go from humble beginnings, to pursuing a dream, to becoming champions of the world, that's what it's all about – opportunity." – Mike Ditka

"The easiest way to describe Super Bowl media day is a circus – but that wouldn't be fair to the circus." – St. Petersburg Times

ESPN's most recent numbers concerning the Super Bowl:  104.1 million viewers will tune into the network's various platforms; 117 countries will be watching; 150 hotel rooms occupied by ESPN and its subcontractors; 90 hours of coverage; 25 on-air commentators.


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John Fox (On whether being a head coach in the NFL isn't as all-consuming as people may think)

"I think I would say the reverse. I think it's definitely all consuming. When you're dealing with young people, I have four children, so I get that pretty well. But just keeping them all on task, all headed in the right direction, all with the same common goal, you understand that you have to be selfless and not selfish, which is a hard concept for all of us. And, really, I think if you've got a pretty good program and you've got a pretty good plan in place, that it can be executed, especially if you let your coaches coach and everybody understand their role. They know what to do, stay in their lane. So a minor adjustment, the truck keeps moving forward. I think it was a great job. I couldn't be more proud of the players and the coaches. I think Jack (Del Rio) stepped in that role and had to carry two roles, and that's not easy to be both the defensive coordinator and the interim head coach. Like any successful business, or successful endeavor, it takes good people and it takes people working very hard at their job."

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John Fox (on what challenges the Seattle secondary will pose to the Denver receivers)

"They're a very aggressive bunch. They don't do a whole lot, but what they do is really good. They're long. They're fast. They've got good ball skills. When you look at them statistically, I think they were number one in probably five of the most important categories. So it's going to be a tremendous challenge, and a tremendous opportunity for us to combat that. You've got the number one offense and the number one defense competing against each other. So I think the fans should be excited and I know we're all excited."

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Wes Welker (on playing for Manning and Brady)

"It's kind of by design. There's just not too many quarterbacks I'd actually play with. So, when it came down to it, it was two options. This has been a good one."

* *

Pete Carroll (on QB Russell Wilson)

"He's an incredible competitor in every way. In preparation, in game day, he's the epitome of what you want in your competitor. He's got tremendous work habits. He's got extraordinary athleticism. He's got a general all-around savvy that allows him to make great decisions under pressure. He's extremely confident too, so no matter what is going on, he's not going to waver in his focus and ability to handle things. He's just been a blast to coach and been a great team member."

Pete Carroll (on ensuring that CB Richard Sherman's comments after the NFC Championship game didn't divide the team)

"Well, there's no way it could divide the team. Richard is just being Richard and we all know him and love him. He's a valuable team member. He's a leader on our football team. He's got a great message about the way he competes and carries himself. The fact that he was seen in the competitive moment and all of that just demonstrates some of the makeup it takes to be a great player and a great performer. You were also able to see the other end of what Richard is all about with the follow-up. He's an incredible kid and he's only helped our team."

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