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The Super Bowl - An American Classic (Saturday Edition)

Seattle and Denver meet on Sunday in New Jersey in Super Bowl XLVIII. The Super Bowl is the top sporting event for millions of people worldwide. takes a daily look at the top championship event in sports.





INDIANAPOLIS – The Super Bowl holds a definite grip on the worldwide sporting landscape, and this Sunday's contest between Seattle and Denver should mark the sixth straight year the event will draw more than 150 million viewers.

From Super Bowl I to XLVIII, the game has grown – from 39.9 million viewers to 164.1.  With it have come "Notes, Quotes and Anecdotes" that entertain NFL fans everywhere.


Former Colts quarterback Peyton Manning is the only Super Bowl quarterback to wear jersey number 18.  John Unitas is the only Super Bowl quarterback to wear jersey number 19.  Earl Morrall is one of three Super Bowl quarterbacks to wear jersey number 15 (Bart Starr, Super Bowls I, II; Vince Ferragamo, Super Bowl XIV).

A total of 56 quarterbacks have started Super Bowls.  Peyton Manning is one of 19 who have started two or more Super Bowls.

The use of Roman numerals to designate Super Bowls began with Super Bowl V, won by the Colts.  Numerals I, II, III and IV were added after the first four Super Bowls.

Dan Reeves holds the record as a nine-time Super Bowl participant.  He played twice with Dallas (V, VI), was an assistant with Dallas for three more (X, XII, XIII), was the Denver head coach for three more (XXI, XXII, XXIV) and directed Atlanta to the Super Bowl as head coach (XXXIII).

Jerry Rice and Gene Upshaw are the only players to play in Super Bowls in three decades.  Upshaw played in Super Bowls II (1968), XI (1977) and XV (1981).  Rice played in Super Bowls XXIII (1989), XXIV (1990), XXIX (1995) and XXXVII (2003).

Referees for Super Bowls involving the Colts – Tom Bell (III), Norm Schachter (V), Tony Corrente (XLI), Scott Green (XLIV).

More people viewed Super Bowl XLIII than voted in the 2008 Presidential election (131.2 million).

SUPER BOWL – Quote/Unquote

"The ring is everything.  There are so many guys who play this game that have never gotten the opportunity to play in a Super Bowl, let alone win one.  There's no sense in playing if you can't ever get the feeling of standing on top of the mountain and saying, 'I'm the king of the hill.' " – Marshall Faulk

"People ask all the time:  What's your favorite ring?  It's like asking:  Who's your favorite kid?  I've got three Super Bowl rings.  I also have three kids.  I can't pick out which one of those is my favorite." – Randy Cross

"The (Vince Lombardi) trophy is treated like a celebrity here.  If it goes to a different floor of the building, employees try to sneak a peek." – Scott Shibley, Tiffany's (the trophy builder)

"It's a symbol of excellence.  It's a symbol that you are the deal, the best to ever do it.  What it all boils to is that you want to win a Super Bowl ring." – Terry Holt, St. Louis Rams

"The Super Bowl started as a game, then it became a day, now it's a week." – Ed Goren, FOX Sports


Pete Carroll (on Marshawn Lynch)

"He's an extraordinary team member. Our guys love him. He's a great leader, by the way he plays and by his actions. He's not a guy – and this won't surprise you – he's not a guy that speaks a lot. He doesn't take center stage and try to tell everybody what's going on or what we should be doing, he does it with his actions. Everybody knows that, (and) expects that. We feel like we've come to a great understanding of who he is and we love who he is. He's an incredible part of our football team and I wish everybody realized what a dedicated team member he is. I said yesterday, his conditioning, his work ethic, his commitment to this opportunity of these years playing for the Seahawks in the heart of his career, he has demonstrated exactly what we would hope he would demonstrate in terms of what he gives to us. But, we don't get any more interview time than you get with him (laughs). He doesn't talk any more to us than he talks to you, really. He is a live wire though at times, because he has a great energy about him, for the most part, it isn't with his words, it's with his actions, and we respect the heck out of that. I wish that everybody would respect that."

Kam Chancellor (on how to fight off picks)

"It's something you're aware of. You know that it's probably going to come in certain plays by formation and how a guy lines up. But it's something you just have to adjust. You have to get around them, be athletic and get around. It's not something we just put our mind on or we have to really be aware of, just trying to get this or that. But we definitely are aware of it."

Quentin Jammer (on how to be accountable for Seattle WR Percy Harvin)

"We don't really have a lot of film on him. We do know that he can line up in multiple positions. He can hurt teams from all of those positions so I think we'll start to prepare for him on kickoff and punt return because that's usually the first place he makes his mark, is on kickoff. So we've got to make sure we get him stopped on kickoff, but as a receiver, he's just an explosive guy. They put him in the slot to try to get him away from press coverage, and I think we definitely have to try to get our hands on him and keep Russell (Wilson) in the pocket to keep him from scrambling around and making explosive plays down the field."

Wes Welker (on the key to getting away with pick plays)

"I think the main thing is not to go into it trying to pick. You go into it trying to run your route and do what you've done for all these years. I think the key things are just running your route the way you're supposed to run it and it works out for the best usually."

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