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San Francisco and Baltimore meet on Sunday in New Orleans in Super Bowl XLVII. The Super Bowl is the top sporting event for millions of people worldwide. will take a daily look at the Super Bowl with “Notes, Quotes and Anecdotes” provided by the NFL, plus highlighted quotes from some of this week’s participants.





INDIANAPOLIS – The Super Bowl occupies a prominent spot on the sporting landscape worldwide, and this Sunday's contest between San Francisco and Baltimore should mark the fifth straight year the event will draw more than 150 million viewers.

From Super Bowl I to XLVII, the game has grown – from 39.9 million viewers to 162.9.  With it have come "Notes, Quotes and Anecdotes" that entertain fans everywhere.


A total of 23 coaches have won Super Bowls with more than one team.  Colts coaches who make the list are Tom Moore (Colts/Pittsburgh), Russ Purnell (Colts/Baltimore) and John Teerlinck (Colts/Denver).

Only three men have won Super Bowls as a player and head coach – Tony Dungy (player-Pittsburgh; coach-Colts), Mike Ditka (player-Dallas; coach-Chicago) and Tom Flores (player-Kansas City; coach-Oakland/LA Raiders).

A total of 18 men have won Super Bowls as a player and head coach, with two having Colts connections – Tony Dungy (player-Pittsburgh; coach-Colts) and Leslie Frazier (player-Chicago; coach-Colts).

Only six coaches have led teams to the Super Bowl in their first year as a head coach, and two have Colts ties.  Don McCafferty led Colts to Super Bowl V.  Jim Caldwell led Colts to Super Bowl XLIV.  The other coaches to do so were Red Miller (Denver, 1977), George Seifert (San Francisco, 1989), Jon Gruden (Tampa Bay, 2002) and Bill Callahan (Oakland, 2002).

Former Colts quarterback Peyton Manning is the only Super Bowl quarterback to wear jersey number 18.  John Unitas is the only Super Bowl quarterback to wear jersey number 19.  Earl Morrall is one of three Super Bowl quarterbacks to wear jersey number 15 (Bart Starr, Super Bowls I, II; Vince Ferragamo, Super Bowl XIV).

A total of 54 quarterbacks have started Super Bowls.  Peyton Manning is one of 19 who have started two or more Super Bowls.

SUPER BOWL – Quote/Unquote

"Every single second is like gold." – Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

"The Super Bowl is global theater." – Brent Musburger, ABC Sports

"It's something you have forever to symbolize what you and your teammates accomplished.  It's so special to be able to win one as a player, and 20 years later, get one as a coach and become one of the few people who have ever done that." – Leslie Frazier, who won as a player with Chicago and as an assistant coach with the Colts

SUPER BOWL XLVII – Quote/Unquote

* *

Jack Harbaugh (on if there were a time where they talked to their sons about toning it down)

"The one thing that we watch and take great pride in is that both of them are themselves. We were around Bo Schembechler for a long time and there were a lot of coaches that tried to emulate him. The first time you weren't yourself, you were exposed and somewhat of a fraud. So, always be who you are and not follow anyone else."

Jack Harbaugh (on if either son has called to ask what the other has said about leading up to the Super Bowl)

"Bo Schembechler had two great sayings. One was, 'If you're going to play in the North Atlantic, you have to practice in the North Atlantic.' The other was, 'Loose lips sink ships.' They both have subscribed to that philosophy, so no one talks to anyone. Jim is very quiet and guarded and John is very quiet and guarded. That's exactly the way we want it."

* *

Jackie Harbaugh (on if the anticipation of the game to be over is most difficult)

"Really, I guess, we can't tell how we're going to feel because we're not in that situation yet. It's like a football game. You really can't predict who is going to win because in a football game, the situations change and they go back and forth. It's not perfect. Even the video game of football isn't perfect."

* *

Jack Harbaugh (on what they will wear to the game on Sunday)

"We will not have anything purple or anything red."

* *

Jim Harbaugh (on if he has spoken to any other Super Bowl coaches to get preparation insights)

"No real in-depth types of things. I had a short conversation with Bill Cowher when he was out interviewing some of our players. I was on a radio show the other day and John Madden. (The challenge is) that you haven't done it before. Its uncharted waters for a rookie Super Bowl coach, but that's exciting, too. We have a great thrill and great desire to be in uncharted waters. Our coaches and our players have always relished that and strived in that type of environment."

Jim Harbaugh (on Bill Walsh dressing up as a bellman before his first Super Bowl and if he plans anything to ease the pressure)

"Dashon Goldson had a quote on our quote board about two and a half weeks ago that 'We get fresher under pressure.' That bodes well for us."

Jim Harbaugh (on Bill Walsh being involved in the Stanford job)

"Coach Walsh did call me and left a message on my phone to see if I would be interested in the Stanford coaching job. I was intending to leave that message on my phone for the rest of my life, but I lost that phone or dropped it in the toilet or something. I can't remember which it was, I lost it or dropped it in the can, but I don't have that message anymore. Truly one of the most memorable things was getting that message."

* *

John Harbaugh (on what makes the pistol read option so hard to defend)

"I think it will have staying power in the league, the pistol read option. The beauty of it is and part of the genius of it is it's such a simple idea. It goes back to Nevada and Coach Ault out there. You can run your whole offense on it. You aren't limited to an option type attack out of it. Not just the entire run game but the entire pass game as well. The backs get position to protect. You can run all your drop back stuff, you can run power run game inside and outside, and you can run read option, triple option. So it's just a very versatile type offense and it forces you to defend a lot of different elements of the offensive attack."

John Harbaugh (on who his role model was growing up)

"Our dad and our mom. I would say our parents – parents should always be role models. Those are the number one people that influence, and as parents, that's the most important role that we have. Everything we do our kids are watching and we watched our parents and tried to be like them."

Tony Boselli (on football)

"I do have sons, and they do play football. It is a great game. What it provides for people is an opportunity to grow as a person. It's challenging, it's tough, and it's hard. It's a huge part of our educational system in this country and it's going to be around for a long time. Frankly, I would have to think long and hard if my sons wanted to enter politics."

Ross Tucker (on football)

"To each his own I suppose but let me be clear from the start… if I had a son I would absolutely let him play the sport of football. In fact, I would highly encourage it if he were so inclined."

Tedy Bruschi (on football)

"Where I stand on this issue is where my mother stood, and she didn't want me to play football until I was 14 years old. I believe that. My oldest is 11 now. He talks about playing football, and I'm teaching him the fundamentals.  I believe in letting my kids develop a little bit before they play. That's the way it was with me."

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