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San Francisco and Baltimore meet on Sunday in New Orleans in Super Bowl XLVII. The Super Bowl is the top sporting event for millions of people worldwide. will take a daily look at the Super Bowl with “Notes, Quotes and Anecdotes” provided by the NFL, plus highlighted quotes from some of this week’s participants.





INDIANAPOLIS – The Super Bowl occupies a prominent spot on the sporting landscape worldwide, and this Sunday's contest between San Francisco and Baltimore should mark the fifth straight year the event will draw more than 150 million viewers.

From Super Bowl I to XLVII, the game has grown – from 39.9 million viewers to 162.9.  With it have come "Notes, Quotes and Anecdotes" that entertain fans everywhere.


A total of 3,581,385 fans have attended Super Bowls, with the largest crowd being 103,985 at Super Bowl XIV at the Rose Bowl.

Anthem performers for the Super Bowls involving the Colts:  Super Bowl III – Anita Bryant; Super Bowl V – Tommy Loy (trumpeter); Super Bowl XLI – Billy Joel; Super Bowl XLIV – Carrie Underwood.

Halftime performers for the Super Bowls involving the Colts:  Super Bowl III – Florida A&M University Band; Super Bowl V – Florida A&M University Band; Super Bowl XLI – Prince; Super Bowl XLIV – The Who.

Network announcers for the Super Bowls involving the Colts:  Super Bowl III – Curt Gowdy, Al DeRogatis, Kyle Rote (NBC); Super Bowl V – Curt Gowdy, Kyle Rote (NBC); Super Bowl XLI – Jim Nantz, Phil Simms (CBS); Super Bowl XLIV – Jim Nantz, Phil Simms (CBS).

Most Super Bowl appearances by a player:  6, Mike Lodish, Buffalo/Denver.  Adam Vinatieri is one of 16 players to appear five times.  Vinatieri is second in Super Bowl history with 34 points, ranking behind wide receiver Jerry Rice (48).  Vinateri's 13 PATs are the Super Bowl record.  His seven FGs and 10 FGs attempts are Super Bowl records.

A total of 47 players have won Super Bowls with more than one team.  Colts players who make the list are kicker Adam Vinatieri (Colts/New England), defensive tackle Dan Klecko (Colts/New England), center Bill Curry (Colts/Green Bay), linebacker Ted Hendricks (Colts/Oakland/LA), quarterback Earl Morrall (Colts/Miami), wide receiver Ricky Proehl (Colts/St. Louis) and defensive back Dexter Reid (Colts/New England).

The first wide receiver to throw a touchdown pass in the Super Bowl was Pittsburgh's Antwaan Randle-El in Super Bowl XL against Seattle.

SUPER BOWL – Quote/Unquote

"It's a special moment because it doesn't happen every day.  It's been almost 30 years between mine.  To me, it's really more symbolic of the guys starting in March and saying, 'This is our goal,' and then accomplishing it.  Not everyone does that." – Tony Dungy, Indianapolis Colts (and one of three men to win as a player and head coach)

"It's a football fan's absolute dream come true." – Boomer Esiason on getting to call a Super Bowl on CBS and Westwood One Radio

SUPER BOWL XLVII – Quote/Unquote

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Joe Flacco (on making the playoffs every year since he's been in the league)

"It's pretty cool. It will mean a lot if we can go win this game on Sunday. I think when you talk about winning as quarterbacks in the playoffs, I would think that all of them have Super Bowl victories so that's really the only one that matters and that's what we're trying to get."

Torrey Smith (on the difference with Jim Caldwell as the team's offensive coordinator)

"I think it's the same. It is a different guy calling the plays – that's not knocking (former offensive coordinator) Cam (Cameron) or Jim. I always feel like I can get my baby brother to call plays and if we're out there executing, he's going to look like a genius. I just think that Coach Caldwell has done a great job mixing it up, being consistent and having a game plan and sticking with it. He has a vision and a goal for us – an objective, really – and he's been able to accomplish getting that across."

Jim Caldwell (on his Super Bowl experience) "You learn something from both. This game is the biggest stage there is in professional sports. It affords young men the opportunity to go out and show who they are in a very difficult situation. It also does the same thing for coaches as well. But, the big thing is that this game and the things that surround the game – it appears to be different, but the fact of the matter is when that horn sounds and that ball is kicked off, it's still the same game that we've been playing all year long. Just a little different opponent – the best opponent there is in the league – and we have to find a will to win."

Jim Harbaugh (on whether he believes the read-option and the pistol will be in the NFL for a while) "It's possible that it is here to stay; don't make any predictions on that. I think that it's been successful for us because of the players that we have executing it. I think they're extremely good at it. Also from a schematic standpoint, I think Greg Roman has done a job that is revolutionary in football. I think the way he's mixed the trap, the power, the wham plays into the pistol offense and into the conventional offense has been revolutionary in many ways. I think it would be a combination of those two things."

Michael Crabtree (on Coach Jim Harbaugh being fired up for this week)

"I guess that's just his lingo. That's how he talks, but I would say that everybody is fired up. Everybody is ready to play. It's something that you dream of when you're a little kid so now that you're here you've got to take on the opportunity and come out with the win."

Greg Roman (on 49ers' pistol offense)

"It depends how defenses want to play it. It can force a defense to play certain ways that they might not play. If that is the case, so be it. I just think it is another way to get first downs. That is what we are trying to do. Colin (Kaepernick) obviously has some background in it and he is a unique and rare athlete. Anytime you have a rare athlete you are going to want to have that athlete impact the game any way that you can. The difference between us and Carolina, for example, is we are only going to do it so much. It is an adjunct to what we normally do. It is not the crux of what we do."

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