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The Story Behind Colts LT Anthony Castonzo's TD Dance

Colts Media Reporter Steve Andress, with the help of the Colts PR department, got the low down on Castonzo's fantastic touchdown celebration.

INDIANAPOLIS --- It was the talk of Twitter Sunday night. It even spawned its own Twitter account. Colts left tackle Anthony Castonzo's fourth quarter touchdown against the Patriots was only outdone by his celebration.

Many on social media were left wondering what the dance was. Video game enthusiasts will remember the Street Fighter video games from yesteryear. Castonzo's celebration was the victory dance from the character Dhalsim (as first reported by Colts Assistant Director of Communications Matt Conti, a mean Street Fighter player himself I'm told).

"That was the Dhalsim celebration from Street Fighter II," confirmed Castonzo after the game. "He's kind of like a left tackle in the sense that he uses his hands to keep guys away from him."

In the game, Dhalsim's hands and arms stretch out, making it very difficult to get close enough to inflict damage. "His little yoga celebration. His other celebration is when he floats in midair," said Castonzo. "But I wasn't prepared to do that one."


Castonzo's tackle eligible touchdown was his first career touchdown and the first time he's been targeted. It was the first touchdown from a Colts offensive lineman since December 2008 when Jamey Richard recovered a fumble for a touchdown against the Tennessee Titans.

Castonzo is the first lineman for the Colts to catch a touchdown since defensive tackle Dan Klecko's touchdown in 2006.

And for those on social media celebrating it as a "fat guy touchdown", think again. He is not your stereotypical big belly offensive lineman at 6'7" and 311 pounds. Dare I say he looks more like Dhalsim than E.Honda+(1).gif).

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