The Man Behind The @CaptAndrewLuck Account Is ... Andrew Luck?


INDIANAPOLIS — You're joking, right?

Andrew Luck — the quarterback who still uses a flip phone — is the one behind the hilarious and witty @CaptAndrewLuck Twitter account?

This video from @Colts certainly seems to paint that picture:

UPDATED: We even got an extended cut today about @CaptAndrewLuck's penchant for ... squirrel oil:

It's been hard not to enjoy @CaptAndrewLuck's posts in recent years. And if you've been living under a rock — or if you have a flip phone without Twitter access — here's a brief summation of the account: Luck, a captain during the Civil War, writes his mother letters from the battlefield, giving his 1860s-era thoughts on modern-day events in the Colts', and Luck's, world.

Take this Sunday's regular season opener against the Cincinnati Bengals, for example. @CaptAndrewLuck tweeted this just yesterday:

All along fans have wondered just who was behind this account. Did we get our answer today? Maybe. Maybe not.

But some are certainly buying the possibility it's Luck himself:

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