The Man Behind The @CaptAndrewLuck Account Is ... Andrew Luck?

The @CaptAndrewLuck Twitter account has been the source of many laughs in recent years. On Tuesday, the Indianapolis Colts might've just spilled the beans on who's been behind the account the whole time.


INDIANAPOLIS — You're joking, right?

Andrew Luck — the quarterback who still uses a flip phone — is the one behind the hilarious and witty @CaptAndrewLuck Twitter account?

This video from @Colts certainly seems to paint that picture:

UPDATED: We even got an extended cut today about @CaptAndrewLuck's penchant for ... squirrel oil:

It's been hard not to enjoy @CaptAndrewLuck's posts in recent years. And if you've been living under a rock — or if you have a flip phone without Twitter access — here's a brief summation of the account: Luck, a captain during the Civil War, writes his mother letters from the battlefield, giving his 1860s-era thoughts on modern-day events in the Colts', and Luck's, world.

Take this Sunday's regular season opener against the Cincinnati Bengals, for example. @CaptAndrewLuck tweeted this just yesterday:

All along fans have wondered just who was behind this account. Did we get our answer today? Maybe. Maybe not.

But some are certainly buying the possibility it's Luck himself:

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