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Two years removed from Super Bowl XLIV, Indianapolis endured a 2-14 season. Former Head Coach Tony Dungy long has believed nothing is can be taken granted in life or sports. It is an approach he stressed to those around him when he coached.

INDIANAPOLIS – The winningest head coach in Colts history always knew nothing is forever.

Tony Dungy produced a 92-33 record as Indianapolis head coach.  He also had a successful run in Tampa Bay before joining the Colts. 

While Dungy left the Colts on his own terms, his tenure with the Buccaneers that included four playoff trips in six seasons was ended with a dismissal.

Dungy was one of the most gifted individuals when it came to mixing coaching and mentoring.  Many of his former players mention the man as well as the coach.  Relationships that were formed between Dungy and his charges often led players to claim how much he taught them life lessons off the field, how he made them better men.

One lesson Dungy stressed to anyone who would listen came inside the lines, too.  Dungy wanted everyone never to take things for granted.  Changes in sports happen in the blink of an eye and any successes that were earned never were guaranteed to stay. 

He hoped people would listen, and he saw it happen to his former team in 2011.

"You see it happen over and over," said Dungy of constant changes in the NFL and how quickly things can change dramatically.  "When I was coaching, I would tell that to the guys all the time, 'Enjoy the moment.  Enjoy this.  Don't live like it's always going to be this way.' 

"You never know in this business.  It (changes) happens in a number of ways.  We see firings.  It's still hard for me to believe that two years ago (Colts Head Coach) Jim Caldwell was sitting at these (Super Bowl) tables and talking about what it's like to be in the Super Bowl in your first year as coach.  Two years later, he's not here.  No one could have predicted that, but that's football.  It can be injuries, can be things that change.  You have to enjoy the moment.  You don't expect it."


*Former Colts great Raymond Berry will participate in the presentation of the Lombardi Trophy at Super Bowl XLVI.  These presentations started at Super Bowl XL, and the Colts have the most connections.  Bart Starr helped present the Lombardi Trophy at Super Bowl XL, followed by Don Shula (XLI), Doug Williams (XLII), Joe Namath (XLIII), Len Dawson (XLIV) and Roger Staubach (XLV).

*A total of 23 coaches have won Super Bowls with more than one team.  Colts coaches who make the list are Tom Moore (Colts/Pittsburgh), Russ Purnell (Colts/Baltimore) and John Teerlinck (Colts/Denver).

*Only three men have won Super Bowls as a player and head coach – Tony Dungy (player-Pittsburgh; coach-Colts), Mike Ditka (player-Dallas; coach-Chicago) and Tom Flores (player-Kansas City; coach-Oakland/LA Raiders).

*A total of 17 men have won Super Bowls as a player and head coach, with two having Colts connections – Tony Dungy (player-Pittsburgh; coach-Colts) and Leslie Frazier (player-Chicago; coach-Colts).

SUPER BOWL – Quote/Unquote

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"I developed a new friend in Jeff Saturday.  I never thought I would grow to love and respect the guys who Peyton Manning put his hands on his tush every day.  The players were lucky to have him representing him at the union table.  He's a very capable man." – New England Owner Robert Kraft on Colts C-Jeff Saturday

"I know they normally say that diamonds are a woman's best friend, but tonight, they're a man's best friend, too." – Reggie Wayne, Indianapolis Colts

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