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Sio Moore Hoping To Sing Right Tune With Colts Defense In 2016

Intro: With the Colts looking to find a new starter at the inside linebacker position, next to D’Qwell Jackson, former third-round pick Sio Moore is an option to receive that starting nod.


INDIANAPOLIS – A music aficionado, Colts linebacker Sio Moore takes center stage during pre-game warmups.

Lock eyes on Moore and there he is making the rounds through his teammates.

What you will observe is one fired up individual.

"I play with my emotion," Moore states.

"How I do that is by getting everybody around me to be filled with the same kind of energy, same kind of fire and passion. That's what I try to give to my team, give to my entire stadium. That's something I want to bring, something I want to add and something I want to raise. If I had that opportunity, it's going to raise the energy level, raise the atmosphere that we play in. It's going to demand something out of myself. But I'm going to demand that out of everybody else."

Will Moore be demanding such an attitude as a member of the 11-man starting defense this season?

Chuck Pagano has mentioned Moore's name in the mix to compete for the open starting spot next to D'Qwell Jackson.

Getting Moore to open up about such a chance for more playing time this year and you will hit the wrong note.

"To be honest, I just look at it as another year," Moore, a four-year NFL veteran, says.

"For me it's just about working. All the other opportunities will be there. The offseason isn't about talking up, it's about working."

The Colts traded for Moore just prior to the start of the 2015 season.

With Jerrell Freeman and Jackson firmly entrenched though, Moore played sparingly in his first year with the Colts.

Moore logged 66 total snaps on the defensive side of the ball in 12 games.

Prior to Moore's arrival in Indy, he was a two-year starter with Oakland. Moore, a 2014 third-round pick, had 7.5 sacks in two seasons with the Raiders.

If Moore is to slide back into a starting role with the Colts, the cohesion with Jackson is a must.

The two haven't shared the field together very long, but Moore has already learned a lot from Jackson.

"My rookie year I was out in Oakland and I went to DC to train. I ended up training with DQ," Moore says, explaining his past relationship with the 11-year veteran.

"From working out with him, he just worked out a whole 'nother standard. I was kind of fascinated, 'Holy crap. This is the real deal.' Being able to work out with him then, then time passes, my career starts, his career continues and then we end up crossing roads again.

"Now we are working together to potentially fortify a defense, a Super Bowl defense."

That's music to the ears of Moore.

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