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Ryan Grigson and Staff Eager to Build Roster

Intro: The prefix in the word “offseason” doesn’t truly apply to NFL teams. That’s especially true for the Colts personnel department as they are just getting started on a busy few months.





INDIANAPOLIS—As more arctic weather heads for Indianapolis this week, the Colts coaches are heading to the islands of Hawaii.

While the Colts coaching staff will be basking in the balmy Hawaii weather, the personnel department will head to…Mobile, Alabama.

The trip to Mobile will offer the Colts personnel staff a chance to evaluate some of college football's best players taking part in the Senior Bowl.

It is the "offseason" but that term doesn't apply to Grigson and his staff.

"The scouts, who are away from their families, they always kind of get left in the dust but without them, we don't have that bevy of players every year to look at and they separate the wheat from the chaff, so to speak, and really help this process and find those players that are going to get us where we want to go," Grigson said last Thursday.

"They're away from their families so much and they really make a tremendous sacrifice."


Only one NFL personnel department has been busier since the start of 2012 than the Colts.

Under Grigson, the Colts have had 141 players participate in a game, which is the second most in the league during that time span.

Thanks to a league-high 17 players on injured reserve in 2013, the Colts led the NFL with 73 players playing in a game this season.

It was a never-ending process in trying to build the backend of the Colts roster and that won't be stopping anytime soon.

"You want your backups to all have starter ceilings," Grigson said. "We want guys that when you plug them in, there's not a drop off. We want to strive to have championship level players throughout our roster, that's the goal. And it's not easy. It's not like you can just go to your local swap meet or go to Target and just take your cart and grab whatever and say, 'I need this, this and this' and just go grab it. It's a process.

"We're going to do like we have even since year one, we're going to create competition. Guys aren't going to be allowed to rest on their laurels. We're going to stay with the mindset of iron sharpens iron, that whole thing that you guys have heard a thousand times. That's just the old fashioned way. Create competition, that's when guys are at their best."

At the start of December, guys like Josh McNary and Jeris Pendelton were foreign names to a Colts playoff roster.

But they progressed from the practice squad to the active roster and while it might have been a surprise to some Colts fans, Grigson and his staff knew what they had near the bottom of the roster.

"This is the National Football League. No matter what, we expect to perform and when we signed you, to come here and play championship level football and be consistent week-in and week-out," the Colts general manager said.

"We are in year three of the program guys. This is year three coming up and we need to be consistent."

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