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How Evan Hull evolved his game to become one of college football's most versatile running backs

During his time at Northwestern, Hull showcased his ability to effectively run the ball and catch out of the backfield.

Hull OCP

Throughout training camp and the preseason, fans got to see a glimpse of what rookie running back Evan Hull could do.

Whether that be rushing for solid gains, catching the ball out of the backfield or picking up blitzers in pass protection, the Northwestern product has a shot to be a jack of all trades in this new-look Colts' offense.

However, that had not always been the case.

"Catching footballs was my weak suit," Hull said. "So, it was literally taking a weakness that I had – I didn't get thrown the ball in high school really much. So, I was taking a weakness that I had and trying to make it into a strength and being intentional about how I do that.

'When I first got to college, it was trying to catch tennis balls and things like that. That really didn't work for me, so I got with one of my receivers, Malik Washington and he had a very simple solution. He was like, 'If you want to get better at catching footballs, guess what? You got to catch footballs.' So, we would throw to each other for hours. Just work different angles, different movements coming out of breaks, up top, low ball [and] stuff like that."

Hull's hard work paid off as he became just the 16th player since 2000 to average over 75 rushing yards and 45 receiving yards a game in a season.

That came during his final season where he had 1,459 yards from scrimmage and scored seven touchdowns. That year he led all running backs with 546 receiving yards.

With the success he had in college, Hull said that's when his childhood dream of playing the NFL felt like it could become a reality.

"As far it [the NFL] being a real thing for me, I would say when I first started really making plays at Northwestern," Hull said. "Maybe that could have started my freshman year, having my first start against UMass and having a big game there. But also, getting the true starting role as a junior and then taking that and running with it and having the season that I did. After that, I was like, 'Okay, this is for real now. It's getting more tangible in my eyes.' I've always visualized it. I've always believed that it could be done, but in those moments, it became more real for me and I thank God for that."

Now less than two weeks before he plays in his first NFL regular season game, Hull said he has every intention of relishing in the long-awaited moment.

"It's really the dream coming to fruition," Hull said. "The things that I visualized and prayed about becoming real. I mean it's such a beautiful thing to see unfold in front of you. All the work that you put in, all the hours you put in, all the times that things were hard and you kind of questioned if this was the road you were supposed to go down. But then to see it all come to life, all I can do is thank God for it, for sure. So, I'm definitely going to come out that tunnel with joy, being very grateful for that opportunity and going out and making the most of it."

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