Robert Mathis Says Extra Preseason Game Worth It To See Tony Dungy, Marvin Harrison

Intro: On Saturday night, Robert Mathis and Adam Vinatieri will be heading to Canton to watch their former teammate and head coach enter the Pro Football Hall of Fame.


CANTON, Ohio – On Saturday afternoon, the Colts' team charter will land in northeast Ohio.

For Robert Mathis and Adam Vinatieri, their day of transportation will not be done.

Mathis and Vinatieri will next be heading to Canton, Ohio.

The two veteran Colts are the lone holdovers from the 2008 team, which was also the final year that Tony Dungy and Marvin Harrison were in Indy.

Most veterans nowadays wouldn't love five preseason games in a year.

This is a clear exception.**

**"It is worth it for us to play an extra game (in order) to see those guys go into football immortality," Mathis says.

Here are Mathis and Vinatieri giving their thoughts on Dungy and Harrison going into the Pro Football Hall of Fame:**

Robert MathisOn his favorite memory of Harrison:**

"It has to be the record-breaking week when he (Harrison) and Peyton (Manning) were fighting over who was going to take the ball. He was trying to give it to Peyton and Peyton was trying to give it to him, it was the classic unselfishness of both guys."

On Harrison in practice and behind the scenes:

"The thing about Marvin, he was the same guy on camera as he was off the camera. He is a businessman. He will laugh and joke with you, but it was strictly business and professional with the way he went about everything.

"He wasn't a big "me" guy. I was a young pup at the time when he was humming so we would sit down at lunchtime and talk and have extensive conversations. He would give me advice on how to be a pro and how to have a long career and longevity and obviously it paid off."

On Dungy:

"I think Coach Dungy is a better man than he is a coach. He taught guys how to be men and to really instill faith and family with the football. That is basically my motto that I live by now this far into my career and I am very thankful to him for that.

"He approached you like a man, treated you like a man and expected for you to do your job as a man. If you don't do it, he is going to tell you that he is disappointed in his monotone voice and I think that kind of hurts your feelings worse than a coach yelling and screaming."On attending this weekend's enshrinement:

"Oh yeah. There is no maybe about it. I'm going to be enjoying and partaking and just enjoying the moment with the guys that I shared time with."

On how long Harrison's speech will be:

"What is the average? 10 minutes? Seven minutes tops. Five to seven minutes."

Adam VinatieriOn Harrison:

"Marv was one of the greatest professionals. He came to work every day. He wasn't flashy. He didn't talk a bunch. He kind of sat over in the corner, led by example. He was a leader on the field. He would catch a five-yard out and he would sprint towards the end zone. To watch him, I would literally sit at practice every day and I just would. When we did 7-on-7, I would just watch Marv. The way he would get out of a break and the way he would make room between him and the DB and then catch everything."

On Dungy:

"The great thing about Tony, he made you want to me great but it wasn't to beat you down and yell at you. It wasn't a fear thing. It was almost like a big brother thing. You didn't want to let him down because he was such a great guy. One of the best men I've ever met, not just a football coach, just one of the greatest men. He could just lead people through his attitude and the way he was."

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