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Reggie Wayne Talks Ahmad Bradshaw Going On Injured Reserve

Intro: At Reggie Wayne’s radio show on Tuesday night, No. 87 discussed a ton of topics surrounding the Colts. What did Wayne chat about on WNDE’s Query and Schultz?





INDIANAPOLIS – After his five-catch, 91-yard performance against the Patriots, Reggie Wayne was back on his weekly radio show.

Wayne fielded questions about , the loss of Ahmad Bradshaw and the Colts falling to playoff teams.

Here are some of the highlights from Wayne joining Query and Schultz:

On Coby Fleener's performance against the Patriots:

"I told Coby numerous times during the game, 'Great play. Great play.' And even after the game I said, 'You grew up tonight, man. You grew up. You had a great game.' It was the Coby Fleener that we all see in practice show up in the game. A lot of people don't understand his speed and his size and his height. He can be a mismatch. There's no way he shouldn't be listed in the elite group of tight ends.

"Coby Fleener, actually from what I understand a pretty good basketball player so he should be in there with the basketball guys. He's tall. He's fast. He can catch. I believe Sunday night's game was a big confidence boost to him. We all saw that he was capable of doing it. There's no going back from here. He's growing up. He was definitely in a zone. We've seen this in Coby in spurts. But like I told him, 'There's no going back. There's no going backwards. From here on out, you just set the standard. You just set the table so now everybody is going to expect you to preform this way every week.' Coby is to the point now where everything should be going and we believe it is. He showed that the other night."

On Ahmad Bradshaw going on injured reserve:

"I talked to him (Tuesday) and when I talked to him I had not heard the news as of yet. He was telling me surgery was needed and from that point on I guess I assume that he was probably going to be done for the year. He's a guy that has been dealing with some injuries throughout his career.

"It's unfortunate for us but we have to pick up our game even more. We all know what Ahmad can bring to the run game and the passing game. Losing him is going to hurt but we've got guys. It's time for Boom Herron step up, which everybody on the team has full confidence in. He's really played well. It shows on special teams. This is an opportunity for him to go out there and show his worth."

On Trent Richardson playing a bigger role:

"This is an opportunity for him also to show that he can be the guy. He doesn't need to split so many reps. This is what he wants. This is what it is. You want to be a feature back in the NFL, this is your opportunity to do that. He's practiced hard. He hasn't been complaining about splitting reps or anything like that but now it's time for him to really go out there and show what we can do. This is what the Colts made the trade for. We all believe that he's capable of being the guy and being a future Pro Bowler at running back."

On Anthony Castonzo's touchdown and his dance:

"It was entertaining. It actually was something that he had seen on Street Fighter (the Nintendo game). It was your typical o-linemen celebration. Those guys, they don't get an opportunity to celebrate much. Whenever offensive lineman scores, they are going to do whatever they possibly can. We practiced it and we weren't sure we were going to do it. Then we called it and it was like, 'This may work.' It was wide open.

"Anthony is a pretty good athlete to be an offensive lineman. That was an easy catch for him and he was able to do it. He had a celebration that nobody is going to forget."

On the Colts losing to divisional leaders in 2014:

"Who cares? The name of the game is to get into the playoffs. We have a chain of command where the goals are to win your division. If you win your division, you are guaranteed to get in. Then, it's the playoffs.

"One thing I've realized when it's playoff time, anything happens. It doesn't matter what your regular season record was. Yeah it would be sweet to have everything at home but a lot of times that doesn't happen. From what I've seen in my career, it's what team is hot, what team is rolling right in time for the playoffs. Just because you have the best record in the regular season doesn't mean anything. Only thing it does is it gives you a game or two at home and that doesn't guarantee you a win."

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