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Reggie Wayne On His Groin Injury: "I'll Be 100 Percent By Sunday"

Intro: At Reggie Wayne’s radio show on Tuesday night, No. 87 discussed what it’s like to be preparing for another postseason appearance. What did Wayne have to say about playing again in the playoffs with WNDE’s Query and Schultz?





INDIANAPOLIS – Reggie Wayne was back on his weekly radio show Tuesday night talking about his groin injury and looking ahead to the postseason.

Here are some of the highlights from Wayne joining Query and Schultz:

On the groin injury he suffered on Sunday:

"I'll be ready to play. That's the main thing. I'll be at 100 percent. It was actually as soon as I caught the pass. I guess I kind of twerked my body a little funny and when I came down to keep myself in bounds, I felt it then. I almost just ran right out of bounds but I didn't think it would've looked good. It probably would've looked better than getting caught from behind (laughs). It was (hurting) me the whole way. I didn't want to do too much to have it completely pull, so I was praying that they all quit behind and I realized nobody quit but me (laughs)."

On his career-long 80-yard catch against the Titans:

"I ran a simple corner route. I knew it was Cover Two I guess by watching film and by knowing these guys. I didn't think Andrew (Luck) was going to throw the ball my way because they actually had the perfect coverage for it. He threw the perfect ball and I think the wind kind of took it a little bit. I think that's what made me turn a little bit to catch it. It was actually their safety, (George) Wilson who fell. He thought the ball was going to be overthrown and that he was going to have an easy interception. I did everything I possibly could to turn my body and make the catch. Then all of a sudden I realize, as I'm keeping my balance, I see (Wilson) on the ground. That's the guy that could have sent me home with a headache. All of a sudden one foot touched, I feel my groin. I'm like, 'Oh, that's not good.' Then the other foot touched and I realized I'm still in bounds and I'm still standing. I looked in front of me and I see nothing but open field. As I'm running and running, it just felt like the end zone was running away from me. It was a big play for us. It was a good opportunity for me to kind of spark the team a little bit. Everybody was excited for me. "

On the Bengals:

"It's going to be a different Cincinnati team and we know that. We know they came in banged up when we played them in Week Seven, but we were banged up also. It's going to be a different game. It's going to be a different feel. It's going to be a different atmosphere. It's going to have a totally different meaning and it's going to be one of those good, Midwest, playoff games."

On the playoffs:

"This is a new season. This is what it's all about. This is the best of the best and we'll see what happens at the end.

"When playoffs come, everything changes. Everything goes out the door. (What is the biggest difference?) One, the atmosphere. Two, everybody's watching. Three, just the whole meaning. That pressure, it intensifies a little bit. Now, you know that if you lose, you go home. Nobody wants to go home in the playoffs. You can expect a little bit of everything in those playoffs games."

On having offseason surgery on his triceps:

"I have no idea. I haven't even thought that far. I'm definitely having surgery but when that day comes, after we put that trophy up, that's when I'll worry about it. Right now it's football, football. We are worried about the Cincinnati Bengals coming into our turf. That's where all my focus will be."

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One of the cooler items I've ever seen at the Reggie Show: — Derek Schultz (@Schultz1260) December 30, 2014

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