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Reggie Wayne: "It Was Something I Looked Forward To Ever Since The Offseason Began"

Intro: At Reggie Wayne’s radio show on Tuesday night, No. 87 discussed how it felt to get back in front of the home fans in a meaningful game. What else did Wayne talk about this week?


INDIANAPOLIS – Reggie Wayne joined his weekly radio show on Tuesday night to cover a variety of topics.

Here are some of the highlights from Wayne joining Query and Schultz:

On being back on the field at Lucas Oil Stadium for a meaningful game:

"It was definitely a different feel. It was something that I looked forward to ever since the offseason began and I wanted to make it my business to make sure that I was there for the first home game. That was part of my goals from a rehab standpoint. It was great as usual. When they announced my name, the crowd was super loud and they always greet us all with open arms in that game. It was exciting and they were loud as always."

On if he feels any different this week compared to how he felt following the season opener:

"I feel normal now. It feels like it normally does after a football game, after you're playing I should say. It's like night and day the day after the game compared to last weekend. I guess my body is starting to get a feel for it and starting to get into the flow of things and hopefully it continues to stay that way."

On if the Colts gave one away on Monday night:

"Absolutely. Without a doubt. We really felt like we shot ourselves in the foot, turned over the ball at the wrong times, missed assignments at the wrong times. I really believe we had them on the ropes. Instead of continuing to work the cuts on them, they got us with the haymaker and knocked us out. I really felt like we had the game right where we wanted it and let them out of it."

On the positives taken from the home opener:

"We had some positive run plays. It seemed like we had some big play runs. Whenever you see that going, you know that's going to help you out offensively especially as a receiver because now they got to put an extra guy in the box and now you are going to get more one-on-one coverage or more zone coverage. It's something that we have been stressing that we need to get better at. Last night was an example of what we can do in the run game. My thing is we just have to be more consistent."

On what needs to change for the Colts to get their first win this weekend:

"Just finish drives. When we get down in the red zone, we end up kicking field goals instead of scoring touchdowns. Offensively, that's kind of been a thorn in our backsides for the last couple of years and that was an emphasis this offseason to get better in the red zone and on third-down. That's what championship teams do. They win on third-down. They score touchdowns instead of field goals in the red zone. Until we improve on that part of the game, which is not easy, but championship caliber teams they figure it out and until we improve on those parts of the game we will continue to struggle."


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