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Reggie Wayne: "I'm Playing The Game Because I Love Playing This Game"

Intro: At Reggie Wayne’s radio show on Tuesday night, No. 87 discussed a ton of topics surrounding the Colts. What did Wayne chat about on WNDE’s Query and Schultz?


INDIANAPOLIS – Following a game not up to Reggie Wayne's elite standards, the Colts 14-year veteran was back on his weekly radio show earlier this week.

Wayne fielded questions about Sunday's win versus the Jaguars, being on the same page with and taking on Washington this weekend.

Here are some of the highlights from Wayne joining Query and Schultz:

On reaching the three-catch mark late in the game against the Jaguars

"The only thing I'm saying to that is I'm just doing what the coaches call, doing what the play is called. If they didn't call those plays, it wouldn't have been called. I guarantee you nowhere in there did I say, 'I wanted two more catches to extend the streak.' I'm never going to beg for catches, especially when we are winning, and definitely not when we are losing.

"When you're in the game, you're so tuned into the game. I don't play the game for records. I don't play the game for accolades, things like that. I play the game because it's a team sport. I enjoy playing the game. I love it and I want to win. That's why I play the game. If they want to take away the two catches, they can have them. I could care less. That's not what I'm playing the game for. I'm playing the game because I love playing this game. I've been dreaming to play this game since…I had my first dream about football at seven years old. I don't play the game for (records)."

On the struggles in the first half versus the Jaguars:

"It was us shooting ourselves in the foot. We had what, three fumbles? That kills you. That kills drives. I know for sure with two of those drives, one of them was down in the fringe area which is right outside the red zone and there were two times Andrew (Luck) got hit and lost the ball. That hurts you. That kills drives. That's stuff we've got to work from and get better from."

On if there were any in-game adjustments on Sunday:

"We stuck with the game plan. We went out there and we spoke as an offensive unit as we always do. Pep Hamilton, he instructed as he always does to the offense and he told us, 'Guys, we are not going to reinvent the wheel here. We are going to go with the game plan. We just have to stop killing ourselves. We've got to stop turning the ball over, stop having mental errors. If not, this is going to be a rough game.' That was basically it."

On Andrew Luck and him being out of sync on Sunday:

"That's how it goes. You want to wish that every game was a 1,000 percent but you are going to have some games where you are going to be off a bit. You just hope that it's not the last game you play. We've got another opportunity this weekend.

"The overthrow, I put that on me. I've got to find a way to get that ball. Whether it's run faster, or locate the ball quicker, whatever the case may be, I've got to find a way to come up with that ball. (Luck) did his job. He threw it up in the air. I've always said, 'Just put in somewhere in a mile's radius and I'll find a way to get it.' I didn't do it. I really put that on me. Everything else it just happens."

On playing Washington this weekend:

"What I do know is that it's a desperate team. They are pretty hungry. I can assure you of that. When you look at this team on paper, their numbers are outstanding. Going down their roster, they've got a monster roster so you know what they can do. You know they've got a bunch of guys with pride. You know they've got a playmakers. It's not one of those teams that you can just overlook and keep it moving.

"They are pretty talented, man. They are pretty explosive. You have to remember at the beginning of the year a lot of people had them to make the playoffs. It's just been a rough year for them and we just don't want to be that team to get their ship headed in the right path."

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