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Rams-Colts Game Report

Rams-Colts Game Report





St. Louis 38, Colts 8


With Matt Hasselbeck in, he hit Brazill for 11 yards, then hit Daniel Herron for 57 yards on a short pass to the St. Louis three.  A Herron rush was stopped, then Hasselbeck was incomplete twice to Brazill.  He then was intercepted by William Hayes. 

Stacy gained eight yards on a first-down rush.  Stacy picked up the first down off the left side with a three-yard effort.  Cory Redding hit Stacy down for a four-yard loss on first down.  Stacy was caught by Bjoern Werner for a three-yard loss to bring up third-and-17.  Stacy kept up the middle for short yardage.  Hekker punted 47 yards, with Brazill taking the ball out of bounds with 5:24 to go.

Luck and Richardson hit for a four-yard gain on a short flare pass.  Luck and Whalen combined on 25-yard completion to the St. Louis 13.  Aiming for Fleener, a batted pass in the end zone was intercepted by Will Witherspoon.  Witherspoon returned the interception to the St. Louis 16.

Clemens kept for two yards on first down from his one.  Stacy gained two yards to the five on second down.  Stacy was held for one yard on third down.  Hekker punted 42 yards and Brazill returned the kick six yards to the St. Louis 42. 

Luck and Hilton combined for 21 yards down the right sideline to start the quarter.  Luck hit Brown on a short toss that turned into a 26-yarder to the Rams' four.  Luck and Reed had a completion that gained two yards.  Luck and DHB had a slant route interfered with in the end zone.  Luck was sacked on first-and-goal from the one.  From the 10, Luck kept and ran to the six.  In the shotgun with a spread set, Luck was incomplete to Whalen.  Luck scrambled on four down and was stopped by two Rams at the goal-line with 12:30 to go.


Luck under pressure was flushed to the right sideline before throwing the ball away.  Luck hit Fleener for seven yards to end the period.

After a touchback, Stacy lost a yard on a first-down rush.  After an incompletion, Clemens and Stacy could not hit on third down.  Hekker punted 61 yards, and Brazill returned it 17 yards to the Colts' 37.

Larry Asante has a hamstring injury and is doubtful to return.

Luck and DHB hit for 13 yards on first down.  Luck hit Richardson for nine yards to the 42.  Luck and Richardson clicked again for 20 yards, with most yardage coming after the catch.  After a holding call moved the ball back to the 48, Luck and Fleener hit for a 12-yard completion, then he hit Fleener again for 10 yards and a first down.  Brown gained six yards on a first-down reception, then he hit Hilton for seven yards to the 13.  Luck and Brown followed with a touchdown pass.  Luck hit Fleener for a two-point conversion.  St. Louis 38, Colts 8.

Starting from his 41, Clemens hit Cory Harkey for 14 yards on a short pass to the right.  Stacy gained one yard on a first-down rush.  Stacy gained four yards on a second-down reception.  Clemens and Jared Cook gained 17 yards on a completion to the Indianapolis 23.  Cunningham gained four yards up the middle on first down, then was caught for a yard loss on second down.  Stacy from the shotgun ran up the middle to the Colts' 14.  Greg Zuerlein hit a 32-yard field goal to extend the lead with 5:15 left in the quarter.  St. Louis 38, Colts 0.

Luck hit Hilton on a crossing route for 12 yards to start the drive.  James Laurinaitis picked off Luck on second down.

Stacy gained no yards on first down.  Clemens and Givens missed on a short slant, with tight coverage from Josh Gordy.  Stacy was held for short yardage on a third-down reception.  Hekker punted 43 yards, and Brazill returned the kick two yards to the Colts' 37.

Reed returned the kickoff to the Colts' 13.  Luck was incomplete to Richardson on first down, then hit DHB for eight yards on second down.  On third-and-two, Luck hit Hilton for 65 yards down the left sideline.  Richardson gained six yards up the middle on first down.  Under pressure, Luck threw over the head of Whalen in the end zone on second down.  Out of a shotgun, spread set, Trumaine Johnson picked off Luck in the end zone.

Starting from his 18, Clemens was incomplete on first down.  Stacy gained one yard up the middle on second down.  Clemens hit Austin for an 81-yard touchdown, with Austin gaining 72 yards after the catch.  St. Louis 35, Colts 0.


Stacy ran up the middle for five yards, then he was stacked up off right guard for one yard.  On third-and-four, Stacy gained the first down up the middle.  Stacy gained one yard on first down.  Stacy gained short yardage as the Rams bled the time off the clock.

Reed returned the kickoff 15 yards to the 13.  Luck and Havili combined for a 13-yard reception to the 26.  Luck and Hilton combined for four yards on a quick hit to the right.  St. Louis was hit for offsides to set up a second-and-one.  Luck and Havili converted the first down with a five-yard completion.  St. Louis pressured Luck on first down and batted down a pass.  Luck and Havili hit for seven yards.  On third-and-three, Luck was sacked by a stunting Quinn for 11 yards.  McAfee punted to the St. Louis 16, and the Rams were awarded 15 yards for holding on the kick.

Stacy ran up the middle for four yards on first down.  Stacy broke tackles up the middle for nine yards on second down.  Clemens was incomplete on first down.  Stacy took a delayed draw up the middle for three yards on second down.  Clemens hit Austin deep down the left sideline for 57 yards and a touchdown.  St. Louis 28, Colts 0.

Mike McGlynn is questionable to return with a thumb injury.

Luck was caught for a one-yard rush on first down.  Luck scrambled left for seven yards on second down.  Luck and DHB could not connect on a short hitch route to the left.  McAfee punted 47 yards to the St. Louis 27.

Reed returned the St. Louis kickoff to the Colts' 7.  Trumaine Johnson broke up Luck's first-down pass to Darrius Heyward-Bey (DHB).  Brown took a screen pass 11 yards for a first down.  St. Louis was detected offsides on first down.  Luck and Fleener were incomplete on first down.  Luck and Griff Whalen had a short completion on a crossing route to bring up third-and-one.  From the 27, Luck and DHB hit a quick slant for nine yards.  Luck and Fleener hit for four yards.  Whalen took a short slant and broke a tackle for a first down to the 47.  On play action to Brown, Luck misfired deep to LaVon Brazill.  Luck missed Hilton down the right sideline on second down.  From the shot gun, Luck and Fleener just missed on a long slant.  McAfee punted to St. Louis two, Austin took the kick off the bounce and returned it for a touchdown.  St. Louis 21, Colts 0.

Clemens avoided a middle rush by Mathis and delivered a 35-yard completion to Givens to the Colts' one.  Stacy covered the one yard on the ensuing play for the score.  St. Louis 14, Colts 0.

Tickets distributed:  66,004


Stacy ran for three yards up the middle on first down.  Austin gained four yards on a reverse to end the period.

Luck and Fleener could not connect on a first-down pass of medium length.  Luck evaded pressure at his goal-line and threw the ball away on second down.  On third-and-10, Stanley Havili gained one yard up the middle.  McAfee punted 52 yards, and Austin returned the kick 18 yards to the Colts' 43.

Stacey gained five yards on a run left on first down.  Stacy was held to two yards to the 45, setting up a third-and-three.  Clemens and Chris Given hit on a short crossing route that Givens motored for 19 yards to the 26.  Vontae Davis made a physical stop on a Stacy sweep on first down.  Mathis had his second sack on the ensuing play, his sixth double-digit game this season, a franchise record 26 for his career.  On third-and-16, Clemens hit Benny Cunningham out of the backfield for 18 yards.  From the 13, Cunningham took a draw play off the left side to the five.  Clemens and Givens were off.  Stacy on third down could not secure the handoff, and Cassius Vaughn recovered for the Colts at their eight.

Richardson gained no yard on a run to the right and zero on one up the middle.  St. Louis was flagged for offsides to set up a third-and-five.  Luck under pressure in the shotgun delivered a throw over the head of Coby Fleener.  McAfee punted 58 yards, and Tavon Austin returned the punt 29 yards to the St. Louis 48.

Zac Stacy gained two yards off the left side on first down.  Robert Mathis sacked Kellen Clemens on second down, defeating one-on-one blocking, his 104th sack, and a new seasonal-best 12.5.  Clemens was incomplete on third down.  Johnny Hekker punted to the Colts' 18.

Daniel "Boom" Herron returned the St. Louis kickoff to the Colts' 7.  Donald Brown ran for one yards up the middle on first down.  Brown took a second-down reception across the scrimmage line for eight yards to the 16.  On third-and-one, Brown was tripped up by Michael Brockers to bring up fourth down.  Pat McAfee punted 47 yards to the St. Louis 49, forcing a fair catch.

After a touchback, St. Louis was penalized for taunting and the Colts started from the 35.  Andrew Luck and T.Y. Hilton had quick hitter to the right for seven yards.  In the hurry-up, St. Louis was flagged for offsides.  From the 47, Trent Richardson took a pitch and went wide right for no gain.  Luck, with Hilton in the slot, hit with Hilton for 14 yards.  Richardson was hit for a three-yard loss on a draw play.  Luck and Richardson could not connect on a second-down pass in the flat.  With five receivers split, Luck was sacked by Robert Quinn and fumbled.  Chris Long returned the fumble 45 yards for a touchdown.  St. Louis 7, Colts 0.

St. Louis won the coin toss and deferred.  Indianapolis will receive.


The roof and window are closed at Lucas Oil Stadium.


S-Delano Howell

CB-Josh Gordy

CB-Greg Toler

TE-Wes Saunders

LB-Cam Johnson

OG-Khaled Holmes

DT-Josh Chapman


Cassius Vaughn at LCB for Greg Toler.



* *

INDIANAPOLIS – Through the first eight games, a large portion of the Colts' success has been because of the play of the defense.

Within the play of the defense has been the secondary and one of its performers, Vontae Davis.

Davis is in his second year with the Colts.  Indianapolis traded its second-round pick for Davis just prior to last season, throwing him into the mix in a secondary trying to establish itself in the first year of a new scheme.

Davis opened five games at left corner before settling into the opposing cornerback slot for the final five games.  With an off-season in which to immerse himself, Davis has thrived well on the right side this year as the Colts have opened at 6-2.

"He's just growing up," said Chuck Pagano.  "Since he walked in this door, I've seen that guy every day get better and take on a leadership role.  He's not a vocal guy, but his play speaks for itself."

"He's a confident guy.  He's got that mental makeup that you need to play out there on that island, and he's not afraid of anything.  He's getting better and better with every game."

Though the Colts paid a hefty price for Davis, they were doing so for a young player with tremendous potential. 

He was 36-game starter with Miami from 2009-11, and he came to Indianapolis "24 years young, just a baby," according to Pagano.

Davis, 5-11, 204 pounds, entered the NFL at age 20 as a junior out of Illinois.  Davis was the 25th overall selection who likes the opportunity in Indianapolis.

"I feel like God blessed me with this opportunity to come here on a young team.  I'm still young in my career," said Davis.  "This is a chance to do some good things in Indy.  I think the sky is the limit.  I'm just scratching the surface. 

"Having (Chuck) Pagano around, a (former) defensive coordinator, it's helped me in my growth process.  You have to make the best of your opportunities."

Davis had one of his top games against Denver, helping restrict standout receiver Demaryius Thomas. Thomas was targeted nine times by Peyton Manning, and Davis held Thomas to four receptions.  It was Thomas' second-lowest output this season.

One respected site that evaluates performances doggedly estimated Davis' performance was one of the best ever recorded by a defensive back against Manning.

"It was his best (performance)," said General Manager Ryan Grigson.  "Vontae can be a special player and truly has the God-given body, speed, tools, instincts and toughness to be the best. 

"He is young and will continue to work and iron out his game to get to his apex of development.  (The) sky is the limit for Vontae across the board.  His focus and discipline in the Bronco game was one to build off of."

Davis says his elevated level of play this year has been the result of having an off-season's worth of work.  He is like many performers who flourish as repetitions increase in a new environment.

"It's been good.  I am accustomed to the defense, and I am able to play fast without thinking," said Davis.  "It's just playing fast and trying to limit the mistakes.  I just feel comfortable playing with the guys, bonding with the guys.  It's different for me now than it was previously."

Secondary coach Mike Gillhamer was tasked with helping Davis merge into the lineup after joining the Colts just before the 2012 preseason finale.  Gillhamer believes while Davis is an ideal cover corner that he should keep in mind the bigger picture.    

"I think Vontae sees himself that way, but I think also we try to get across that he's got to be a complete corner," said Gillhamer.  "He's got to do the complete things, play off (the receivers).  

"Since he's got here, we've really worked on his technique.  A lot of times, I think what's happened in Vontae's past is that when things go bad, you revert back to old habits.  You need something that you can go back to when things are going bad.  That's the thing that we try to get across to him is technique and staying intense and staying everything that way. 

"He's responded real well.  He's got a great attitude, and he's really dedicated himself to being a good corner."

Before the season, Antoine Bethea said he felt this year's secondary could be one of the most talented during his eight years with the Colts. 

Bethea and Davis are two of six Indianapolis defensive backs who have interceptions.  The club has shaved its opponents' completion percentage from 71.2 in 2011 to 62.4 in 2012 and to 58.7 this year.

Opposing quarterbacks have an 84.0 rating against Indianapolis, the league's 14th-best defensive mark, and the Colts are trying to post their first season with more interceptions than touchdown passes allowed since 2008.

"He's been great, just the way he's been playing out there," said Bethea.  "The (Denver) game, he was shutting any receiver lining up over there down.  Demaryius Thomas, he shut him down.  Week-by-week, he just continues to get better. 

"From last year to this year, you can see a lot of growth.  The preparation and the way he's playing, he's doing a heck of a job.  He's one of the best corners playing this year."

While Gillhamer stresses the complete player, Bethea praises Davis' ability to stick to receivers.

"He's an aggressive corner.  A lot of receivers and quarterbacks don't like to see corners press," said Bethea.  "That's what Vontae's good at, the press coverage.  He's strong and physical on the corner.  He has good speed, strong hands, and opponents don't like seeing players like him."

Darius Butler also sees a talented competitor who will confront receivers and win a large percentage of battles.

"He brings a great presence.  He's a confident guy, a physical guy," said Butler.  "He's going to win his matchup more times than he's going to lose it.

"He's a lot more comfortable out there.  You can tell he's in his element.  On game day, he's locked in.  A lot of times in man-to-man (coverage), he's in his guy's face.  He's out-physicaling, out-competing (his man).  His strength is one of his (attributes).  He's a big corner.  It's hard to get on top of him.  A lot of receivers can't run past him.  It always seems he's in good position.  He's a solid tackler.  I love having him out there."

Indianapolis ranks seventh in the league in points allowed (19.4), a good feat given quarterbacks in addition to Manning the Colts have faced.  Davis drew mention from Manning prior to the matchup for the challenge he would present, and Seattle's Russell Wilson noted Davis as well.

"He's just a very talented football player," said Wilson.  "(He) has a knack for getting to the football.  You're going to have to know where he is on the football field and understand where he is.  I have a lot of respect for him."

Davis admits digesting the defense last year was not accomplished easily.  It was not an overnight process, but one to be done through a full off-season's study. 

Going through the process has yielded a different player.

"He's taking his technique and fundamentals and worked," said Greg Manusky.  "I think he's focused a little bit more this year.  We talk about technique and fundamentals, you got to keep on teaching and pressing that with him.  We're looking for good things for him."

Davis is looking for big things from himself, too.  His older brother, Vernon, plays for San Francisco, and little brother says big brother gave him his best-ever guidance.

"The best advice I got came from Vernon, 'Take advantage of the opportunity you have because you never know when your last opportunity is going to come.'  He's four years older than I am, and he's been a great role model.  I take that advice seriously.

"(I've realized) the importance of practice.  You have to practice like how you want to play on Sunday.  If you do that, it is easier to succeed in games.  I approach practice every day like it's a game.  When you get the lows in a game, you're tired and fatigued and you think you can't go anymore, you can reach down and get over that hump.  You reach back to how you've practiced, and it makes a difference."

Davis is one component in the secondary, and the secondary (which proclaims itself the, 'No Fly Zone') is but one component to the defense.  The graph for Davis and the secondary is upward.

"That unit has shown it can be special," said Grigson.  "They have gotten us out of some real jams with their play.  They have the potential and willingness to be the best of the best." 


From 1984-present, the Colts have earned a 248-223 (.527) record, with 17 winning seasons, 15 playoff appearances and 12 10-win seasons.

The Colts opened the season with 19 new players on roster, with 10 of those players arriving through veteran free agency.  The total of new players now on the active roster totals 22.

The Colts were 9-1 in games decided by seven points or less last year, the most number of such games by a team in 2012.  Indianapolis has won 12 of its last 13 games decided by seven points or less, 4-1 in 2013.

The Colts did not lose consecutive games all last season, marking the ninth such season in franchise history (1964, 1967, 1968, 1970, 1971, 1976, 1999, 2003, 2012).

The Colts are 7-0 under Chuck Pagano in games following losses, with a 176-126 scoring margin in those wins, a 7.1 margin per victory.

The Colts have played 23 straight games without consecutive losses to rank among the franchise best streaks.  Chuck Pagano has a 24-game streak without consecutive losses to rank among the all-time Colts head coaches, and the franchise best streak to start a career is 28 by Don McCafferty (1970-71).



Start Date

End Date





Don Shula-Don McCafferty




Ted Marchibroda




Don Shula




Don Shula




Tony Dungy




Jim Mora




Tony Dungy-Jim Caldwell




Tony Dungy




Chuck Pagano




Ted Marchibroda



Coach (*Start of career)

Start Date

End Date


Ted Marchibroda




Don Shula




Don Shula




Tony Dungy




Don McCafferty*




Jim Mora




Chuck Pagano




Tony Dungy




Ted Marchibroda



The Colts are 45-3 since 1998 in games without a turnover.  Since 2000, the team is 42-2 in such outings.

The Colts have only six turnovers in 2013, first in the NFL, and the club's plus-seven ratio (13:6) ranks third in the AFC, sixth in the NFL.  Six turnovers are tied for the fewest through eight games in franchise history.

The Colts have been penalized 31 times in 2013, the fewest infractions in the NFL.  The Colts' 242 penalty yards rank as the least in the NFL.

The Colts' 36 punts in 2013 tie for eighth-fewest in the NFL.

The Colts have only 41 negative-yardage plays, second in the AFC, fourth in the NFL.

The Colts have 18 10-play drives, tied for third in the NFL.

The Colts have allowed only 29 points in the fourth quarter of games this year, tied for second in the NFL.

Indianapolis topped 100 rushing yards in the first five games this year, tying the best starts to seasons achieved in 1984 and 1988.

Since 2012, the Colts are 10-0 in games with 30-plus rushes.  The Colts are one of three teams (minimum five games) during that span with an undefeated record (10-0, Colts; 10-0, Denver; 6-0, N.Y. Giants).

The Colts are 24-1 since 1984 in games with three or more rushing touchdowns, including a streak of 23 straight wins.

The Colts had a four-game streak with at least 25 rushes per game and a 4.5 average to open the season, the first time the team has accomplished it in the Indianapolis era.

* *






Key Rushers

9/16/84 ST. LOUIS




Dickey 23-121; McMillan 11-40; Pagel 2-21

9/23/84 @Miami




Dickey 15-77; McMillan 13-67; Schlichter 1-7

9/30/84 BUFFALO




McMillan 16-114; Dickey 14-72

9/08/13 OAKLAND




Ballard 13-63; Luck 6-38; Bradshaw 7-26

9/15/13 MIAMI




Bradshaw 15-65; Luck 4-38; Brown 7-30

9/22/13 @S.Fran.




Bradshaw 19-95; Richardson 13-35; Brown 3-25; Luck 4-24

9/29/13 @Jax.




Brown 3-65; Richardson 20-60; Luck 2-26

* *

In 2012, Andrew Luck (339-of-627 passing for 4,374 and 23 TDs) had six 300 games, the NFL rookie record and also set league rookie marks in attempts and yards. 

Luck (23) was one of a handful of rookie quarterbacks to throw 20 or more touchdown passes (26, Peyton Manning, 1998; 26, Russell Wilson, 2012; 22, Charlie Conerly, 1948; 21, Cam Newton, 2011; 20, Dan Marino, 1983; 20, Andy Dalton, 2011, 20, Robert Griffin III, 2012).

Luck took every snap in 2012 (1,109) and took the first 1,364 of his career before sitting down at Jacksonville on 9/29/13 with a 34-3 lead.  His 1,364 consecutive snaps rank among the best accomplished by Indianapolis Colts quarterbacks (1,631, Peyton Manning; 1,590, Manning (a career-opening total); 1,459, Manning; 1,400, Manning; 1,205, Manning; 1,088 Manning).

In 2012, Luck produced seven wins in fourth-quarter or overtime fashion, tying the NFL seasonal record done six other times, including in 1999 and 2009 by Manning.  His seven in a single season tied for the most by a veteran or rookie QB since at least 1970.  With his sixth comeback win, he snapped the record he shared with Ben Roethlisberger (2004) and Vince Young (2006).  The comeback performances came against Minnesota, Green Bay, at Tennessee, Miami, at Detroit, vs. Tennessee and at Kansas City. 

The NFL post-merger record for rookie starting wins is 13 by Ben Roethlisberger in 2004.  Matt Ryan and Joe Flacco had 11 in 2008.  Luck and Russell Wilson had 11 in 2012, while Kyle Orton had 10 in 2005. 

Luck had his eighth fourth-quarter comeback win vs. Oakland 9/8/13, the most ever accomplished by an NFL QB in the first 17 games of a career.  He posted his ninth against Seattle 10/6/13, the most through the first 21 games by any QB drafted first overall that began a career since 1970.  He earned a 10th at Houston on 11/3/13.

With 10 game-winning drives in the fourth quarter or overtime in the first two seasons of a career since 1970, Luck is the NFL leader in that category, ahead of Jake Plummer (9), Russell Wilson (8) and Peyton Manning (8).

With a record of 17-7 in his first 24 games, Luck reached 15 wins faster than any QB drafted first overall since 1970.  Through 20 games, he had been tied with John Elway (1983) with a 14-6 mark.  The most wins among QBs in their first two career seasons since 1970 are 22 by Ben Roethlisberger, 21 by Dan Marino and 20 by Joe Flacco and Matt Ryan.

Luck has 6,219 passing yards and the most accomplished through the first two seasons of a career in history are 7,920 by Cam Newton, 7,874 by Peyton Manning, 7,294 by Dan Marino, 7,067 by Andy Dalton and 7,049 by Drew Bledsoe.








Ben Roethlisberger




Dan Marino




Joe Flacco




Matt Ryan









Cam Newton




Peyton Manning




Dan Marino




Andy Dalton




Drew Bledsoe

New England

Luck had a career-best streak of 164 straight passes without an interception end vs. Miami 9/15/13.

Luck's 19t run vs. Oakland tied the 7th-longest ever done by a Colts QB (43t, George Taliaferro vs. Rams 11/22/53; 33t, Peyton Manning at Buffalo, 11/4/01; 32t, Bert Jones at NYJ 10/20/74; 29t, Chris Chandler vs. NYJ 11/6/88; 21t, George Shaw vs. SF 11/27/55; 20t, Marty Domres vs. NYJ 11/16/75; 19t, Jones at Buffalo 11/9/75).

Under Luck, the Colts have opened games three times with two TD drives – 10/21/12 vs. Cleveland; 11/18/12 at New England; 9/8/13 vs. Oakland.

With a TD pass vs. Miami 9/15/13, Luck had nine straight games with a scoring pass, but the streak ended at San Francisco.

Antoine Bethea had 11 tackles vs. Oakland, eight vs. Miami, six at San Francisco, five at Jacksonville, 10 vs. Seattle, eight at San Diego, nine vs. Denver and eight at Houston and has 879 for his career.  Bethea is one of six Indianapolis Colts to top 700 career tackles (1,149 Jeff Herrod; 1,052, Duane Bickett; 785, Jason Belser; 754, Gary Brackett, 744, Eugene Daniel).

Bethea ranks first among active NFL safeties with 88 consecutive starts.

Kicker Adam Vinatieri has scored in the last 154 consecutive games. 

His 53-yard field goal with eight seconds left against Minnesota on 9/16/12 was the 24th game-winning kick of his career.

Since 1999, Vinatieri has hit 21-of-25 game-tying or go-ahead FGs in the last four minutes of a game, an 84 percent success rate.  He has made his last seven attempts in those situations, hitting from 23, 47, 51, 43, 50, 53 and 37 yards.

Adam Vinatieri Career Statistics


* *















76-92 (.826)

70-99 (.707)

8-17 (.471)

263-321 (.819)







56-67 (.836)

47-58 (.810)

11-20 (.550)

167-199 (.839)






132-159 (.830)


19-37 (.514)

430-520 (.827)

Vinatieri has hit field goals of 50-plus yards in 11 different seasons.

Vinatieri has 520 career field goal attempts, 10th in NFL history (Jason Elam is ninth at 540).  Vinatieri (779) is in third-place in Colts career scoring (995, Mike Vanderjagt; 783, Dean Biasucci; 778, Marvin Harrison).

Vinatieri has 1,158 points with New England and with 779 with the Colts, he is one of only three players with 700-plus points with two different teams (Morten Andersen – 1,318 with New Orleans and 806 with Atlanta; John Carney – 1,076 with San Diego and 768 with New Orleans).

Vinatieri (1,937) is 9th in NFL career scoring (2,544, Morten Andersen; 2,434, Gary Anderson; 2,150, Jason Hanson; 2,062, John Carney; 2,004, Matt Stover; 2,002, George Blanda; 1,983, Jason Elam; 1,970, John Kasay).

Vinatieri has 11 field goals from the 50 -range, third-most in club history (18, Dean Biasucci; 14, Mike Vanderjagt).

With 50- and 51-yard field goals at San Diego 10/14/13, Vinatieri joined Biasucci (9/25/88 vs. Miami) and Vanderjagt (11/24/02 at Denver) as Colts kickers with two 50-plus field goals in a game.

Vinatieri has 15 career 100-plus point seasons.  He has five with the Colts, second to Mike Vanderjagt (8).  Vinatieri has passed Morten Andersen (14) and Gary Anderson (14) for the second-most 100-point seasons.  The NFL leader is Jason Elam (16).

Vinatieri has hit his last 13 of his last 14 field goals and has hit 26 his last 27 inside of 50 yards.

Vinatieri has been to five Super Bowls, winning four, one appearance and victory shy of tying the all-time best records.  He has been to Super Bowls under three different QBs (Drew Bledsoe, Tom Brady, Peyton Manning), and he is enjoying a good current run with Andrew Luck.

Adam Vinatieri's Main Quarterbacks 1996-Present









D. Bledsoe







T. Brady







P. Manning







A. Luck






In 2012, linebacker Jerrell Freeman topped the club in tackles in each of the first seven games before the streak ended.  Freeman topped the team in tackles in 13 games.  Freeman (203) became the second Colts player in the Indianapolis era to have a 200-tackle season, and his total is the all-time best (200, Jeff Herrod, 1994; 192, Cliff Odom, 1985).

In 2013, Freeman has led the team in tackles against San Francisco, Jacksonville, Seattle and Denver and has topped the team in stops in 17-of-24 career games.  He has reached double digits in tackles in 18-of-24 games (13, 2012; five, 2013).

Freeman had his first career multiple-sack game with 2.0 vs. Miami 9/15/13, the fourth undrafted free agent in the Indianapolis era to have a multiple-sack outing (2.0, Scott Virkus vs. Detroit 9/22/85; Tony Siragusa at Seattle 9/4/94; Eric Foster at Jacksonville 12/17/09).

Freeman had a strip-sack vs. Miami 9/15/13 and at San Francisco 9/22/13.  With sacks in consecutive games, he became the first Colts LB other than Dwight Freeney and Robert Mathis to do so since Rob Morris in 2004.

In 2012, T.Y. Hilton had five 100-yard games in 2012 to set the club rookie record.   With 50-861, 7 TDs, Hilton was the 9th Colts rookie with 50 receptions (65, Bill Brooks, 1986; 64, Marvin Harrison, 1996; 62, Edgerrin James, 1999; 60, Austin Collie, 2009; 52, Andre Rison, 1989; 52, Marshall Faulk, 1994; 50, Randy McMillan, 1981; 50, Jerome Pathon, 1998).  His yardage total ranked 2nd for Colts rookies (1,131, Brooks; 836, Harrison), and his touchdowns tied for third-most (8, Brooks and Harrison; 7, John Mackey and Collie).

He was 6-124 vs. Miami 9/15/13 for sixth career 100-plus game, and it marked a career-high yardage total.  Hilton set a new career high with 140 yards on five receptions vs. Seattle 10/6/13, including a 73-yard scoring reception. 

Hilton had an eighth career 100-yard game with 7-121, 3 TDs at Houston 11/3/13.  He became the 11th Colts player, the seventh WR, with 3 TDs in a game, with scores of 10, 58 and nine yards.

Hilton's 12 TD receptions have covered eight, nine, 10, 14, 29, 36, 40, 43, 58, 61, 70 and 73 yards (451 total) for an average of 37.6 per TD reception.  His 75-yard TD punt return brings his career average per touchdown (526 yards) to 40.5 yards.

Since 2012, Hilton (five) ranks only behind Adrian Peterson (six) while tied with A.J. Green (5) for most touchdowns 50 yards or longer.

Hilton was the 13th receiver taken in the 2012 draft.  There were four selected in the first round, five in the second and three in the third before he was taken with the 92nd choice. 

Against Buffalo on 11/25/12, Hilton scored on a 75-yard punt return and an eight-yard reception to become the first Colts player to record such scores in the same game in franchise history. 

Cornerback Darius Butler (two interceptions/one fumble recovered) had three takeaways at Jacksonville on 11/8/12, one shy of the Indianapolis era club record for the most by a player in a game (4, Eugene Daniel, 3 interceptions/1 fumble recovered vs. Green Bay 10/27/85; 3, Leonard Coleman, 3 ints. vs. New Orleans 10/12/86; 3, Mike Prior, 3 ints. vs. Phoenix 12/20/92).

Butler had a 41t interception return at Jacksonville 9/29/13 to move among the club leaders in career scoring interception returns (5, Jerry Logan; 4, Bobby Boyd; 3, Milt Davis; 3, Andy Nelson; 3, Ray Buchanan; 3, Eugene Daniel, 3, Jason Belser; 3, Kelvin Hayden).

In 2012, tight end Dwayne Allen (45) set the club rookie tight end record for receptions.  He led all NFL rookie tight ends in receptions.

Linebacker Robert Mathis (103.0) had an eight-game sack streak end at New England on 11/18/12.  It tied his personal-best.  In 2005, he set an NFL record with sacks in eight consecutive games to start a season.  He opened 2013 with sacks in the first five games. 

Mathis has 25 career multiple-sack games, including three three-plus sack games.  Mathis has five of the 18 double-digit sack seasons in club history.

Mathis had a four-game streak with multiple sacks 9/15/13 vs. Miami (2.0), 9/22/13 at San Francisco (1.5), 9/29/13 at Jacksonville (3.0) and 10/6/13 vs. Seattle (2.0).  He had 2.0 sacks vs. Denver 10/20/13.  Mathis was named AFC Defensive Player-of-the-Month for October with 11 tackles, 4.0 sacks, two forced fumbles and one pass defensed.  Mathis also won the honor in September 2010.

Mathis has become 30th NFL player with 100 career sacks.  Mathis has sacked 52 different quarterbacks.  He has 73.5 against AFC teams and 29.5 against NFC teams.

Mathis has sacks in 79-of-154 career games and in 50-of-90 career starts.  Mathis has sacks against all 31 teams.

With 11.5 sacks in the first eight games of 2013, Mathis has set a club record for the fastest start to a season. 

The best seasonal sack totals in franchise history are 16.0 by Dwight Freeney in 2004, 13.5 by Freeney in 2009, 13.0 by Freeney in 2002 and 12.0 by Chad Bratzke in 1999.





Games to reach 11.5


Dwight Freeney




Dwight Freeney




Dwight Freeney




Chad Bratzke




Johnie Cooks




Robert Mathis




Robert Mathis




Robert Mathis



Mathis has 39 career sack-strips and is tied with Jason Taylor for the most in NFL history (since sacks official in 1982).

In 2012, Pat McAfee (73-47.9, 40.3 net) set the club seasonal marks for gross and net average.  McAfee has set the gross mark in each of the last two seasons (46.6, 2011).  In setting the mark last year, he snapped the previous seasonal record of Rohn Stark (45.9, 1985).  McAfee's net average bested Stark's previous record, and his 2011 had ranked second (39.3, Stark, 1992; 39.2, McAfee, 2011).  McAfee had 26 punts inside the 20, tying Hunter Smith's seasonal record (26, 2002).

McAfee set a club record 10/20/13 vs. Denver with six punts inside the 20.

There are 14 players in franchise history, nine in the Indianapolis era, to participate in at least 100 regular-season victories:  141 games, QB-Peyton Manning; 132, QB-John Unitas; 132, C-Jeff Saturday; 132, WR-Reggie Wayne; 127, TE-Justin Snow; 118, WR-Marvin Harrison; 114, P-Hunter Smith; 112, LB-Dwight Freeney; 111, Robert Mathis; 109, P-David Lee; 108, OT-Ryan Diem; 107, LB-Don Shinnick; 106, DE-Ordell Braase; 105, C/LB-Dick Szymanski.

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