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Raekwon Davis excited for opportunity to do unsung dirty work on Colts' defensive line

Davis, who signed as a free agent on Friday, brings four years of run-stuffing experience to the Colts' defensive line. 

Raekwon Davis spent the last four years tasked with controlling two gaps against the run as a behemoth defensive tackle in the Miami Dolphins' 3-4 front. When he hit free agency earlier this week, the Colts came to him with an opportunity for a change. 

Instead of reading and reacting in Miami, Davis will now attack up field in Gus Bradley's four-down defensive front. 

"I feel like it'll create a bigger opportunity for me," Davis said, "and I feel like I can really do it."

You can listen to Raekwon Davis' full interview on Tuesday's episode of the Official Colts Podcast by subscribing to the Colts Audio Network on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts.

Davis appeared in 63 games (48 starts) over four seasons with the Miami Dolphins after being selected in the second round (No. 56 overall) of the 2020 NFL Draft. He totaled 129 tackles, two sacks, five tackles for a loss and 10 quarterback hits – stats that on the surface aren't eye-popping. But that's not abnormal for a defensive tackle who plays the nose. 

If you turn on the tape, you'll see Davis absorbing double-teams so his teammates can make plays against the run. Coaches and teammates certainly know the impact the 6-foot-7, 325 pound Davis can make – one that, similar to the impact Grover Stewart makes, goes beyond the box score. 

"People don't really understand that guy in the middle taking the double teams or making that running back go left or right, you're taking him off his running step. That's good," Davis said. "It's good for a nose. Nose don't really get much credit but we'll get it one day when people really learn football and understand what's going on."

Davis will work into a Colts defensive tackle rotation headlined by Stewart and DeForest Buckner, providing some key depth for a defense that allowed 3.7 yards per carry in games Stewart played (5th in NFL) but 4.8 yards per carry without Stewart (30th). 

And everything Davis knows about Stewart, Buckner and the rest of the Colts' defensive line is they're an ideal fit not only for his style of play, but for his personality. 

"They mean business," Davis said. "Everything I'm with and everything I represent, it's the same thing with them. They mean business. Being with them boys, we're all on the same page. Every guy on this team got the same goal, we all want a ring, and we're going to do whatever it takes to get one."

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