Question: How does it feel to get back to training camp? Answer: “Feels good. It’s been a long off-season, longer than what we are used to. We didn’t have any OTAs or things of that nature.


Question: How does it feel to get back to training camp?

Answer: "Feels good. It's been a long off-season, longer than what we are used to. We didn't have any OTAs or things of that nature. A lot of us spent time out of town going back to where we came from trying to get some sort of familiarity, whether it was going back to college or going back home and lifting there. Ultimately, the most familiar thing now is to lift here with our teammates, and it feels good to be back here with everybody."

Q: The specific instruction you have heard here throughout your career is that the first goal is to win the AFC South. How important is it to focus only on the immediate goal?

A: "There are big goals and little goals, and the important thing is you have to do the little things to obtain the bigger goals. It is important to worry about taking baby steps and do the little things first, worrying about game-by-game and the big things will take care of themselves."

Q: Every year is different for every position group on the team. What is your approach for 2011?

A: "They're (the young guys) doing a good job. A lot of these guys they know a lot of what they're doing. They're doing a good job of getting in the playbook and being on what they need done. It really hasn't been too difficult from that standpoint."

Q: You had a memorable moment when you recovered fumble in the end zone in 2008 against the Titans. Was that your first career touchdown? And how important was that to getting the Colts back in the playoffs?

A: "First and only career touchdown. I really don't think that touchdown was that important, but I guess they're all important. We won that game by a pretty good margin and I think we were already in the playoffs by that point, so it (the touchdown) wasn't the most important thing but it was definitely great for my career."

Q: As a rookie you started seven games in 2008. What did you learn from that hands-on experience that not many seventh-round draft picks receive in their first season?

A: "I think the thing is when you come into the NFL you can be a little overwhelmed by what's going on, this and that. The longer you wait to get into the game the more butterflies can grow I guess. I think it was great for me to be able to start the first game, get in there and get that out of my system right off the bat."

Q: Even though this only your fourth year in the league, what do you think it would mean to the organization and to you as a player to break the NFL record of nine straight trips to the playoffs?

A: "That's a great thing for the organization. Obviously, that is something we want to get done."

Q: At the University of Buffalo you blocked for Packers running back and Super Bowl XLV winner James Starks. You have been to a Super Bowl, too. Do you think people at your school notice?

A: "I'm real proud of James. He did a great job and I knew he would do well. I'm glad they (Packers) gave him a chance. He was injured his senior year and they still drafted him and had a belief that he could come in there and play. He went in there and he showed that we still have some good players up in Buffalo."

Q: You were named Male Student Athlete of the Year at Buffalo following your senior season. What did that mean to you to accomplish an award that involves both on and off the field accomplishments along with every sport on campus?

A: "It was definitely an honor. I just tried to do the right thing when I was in college, whether it was in the classroom or on the field. Any time you get recognition for something that you've done, you feel pretty good about that."

Q: What have you learned on and off the field from Center Jeff Saturday in your four years with the Colts?

A: "Jeff has been in this league a very long time, and it would be stupid of me not to try and learn everything I could from him as far as technique. Playing the same position he's playing, he's been doing it for a long time. Not just Jeff, but Ryan (Diem). The older guys, you just have to look at them and say, 'This guy has been in the league for a long time. What is he doing? What has allowed him to have that success?' You've got to try and follow off that."

Q: Do you like the "football" environment that training camp provides?

A:  "It's good to play football again.  We had a long off-season.  We didn't get the little ramp up into camp with the OTAs and all that stuff that we normally get.  Ultimately, we get paid to play football.  This is what we do for a living, this is what we love to do and this is why we're here.  Any time we get to play football that's a good thing."

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