Question: What are you working on in training camp that will make you a better running back?


Answer: "I would say I am working on my game as a whole, from run reads, to pass protections, to catching the ball better. Training camp is (about) always getting better in every aspect of the game."

Q: There are a lot of rookies out on the field this year. What has been your role in getting them up to speed?

A: "(I'm) just helping them out any way I can. We have a complex offense here and (I) help get them up to speed and help expedite the learning curve."

Q:  Is this offense hard to learn?
A: "It's not an easy offense, but the talent that we have here and plus the offensive playbook yields success."

Q:  Do you have any goals for training camp and the preseason games?
A: "To just go out there compete, work hard and just improve on my craft every day."

Q:  You contributed a lot last year when Joseph Addai was injured.  What can fans expect to see from you this year?
A: "To just help out the team, contribute, and just try to be another weapon to this offense, and help out any way I can."

Q:  How does it feel to have fellow Husky, Dan Orlovsky, out on the field with you?
A: "It's good. Dan is a great guy and great friend of mine, so it's good out here playing with him. He is a great competitor and great player."

Q: How much did you help Dan when he first signed?

A: "Just some of the basic things, what to expect, how things work around here and some of the basic fundamentals of the offense."

Q:  How big of jump did you feel from your rookie year to last year, and do you feel differently heading into this year?
A: "I do, I am a lot more confident this year. Going on my third year, I am not really second-guessing myself. I am just going out there having fun and playing."

Q: What has been your best moment so far?

A: "Not yet, I think every day is great moment and every day is great opportunity to get better."

Q: Have the rookies had a lot of questions for you?

A: "They have, but that is expected. Especially not having OTA's or mini-camp, they are really behind the eight ball. Any way I can help out, that's what I am here for."

Q: What inspires you the most about Peyton Manning?

A: "Just his work ethic. Obviously he is a great player, but if you see the way he works day in and day out and his attention to detail, it makes you want to be a better player as well."

Q: What is there about Coach Caldwell that fans may not know?

A:  "He is a great coach, very quiet, but you can see that from watching practice.  He is a great leader and a great role model in this NFL arena."

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