Postseason Football Brings Out The Best In Reggie Wayne

Intro: On Sunday, Reggie Wayne will tie a franchise record with his 19th postseason contest. How is Wayne viewing his 12th trip to the postseason in 14 seasons?





INDIANAPOLIS – Bouncing back from injuries in less than a week, at the age of 36, is no easy task.

So as Reggie Wayne walked out of LP Field in Nashville last weekend, doubt had to creep into his mind if he would be ready for the Colts Wild Card matchup the following Sunday.

Well, maybe not for Wayne.

"So I'm going to fight through my tricep and then I'm going to let a groin keep me out? Nah, it don't work like that," Wayne said on Friday.

"This is the time where big time players make big time plays in big time games. This is what we live for. This is our second goal, and that second goal is to make the playoffs and you better believe I'm going to be there."

After testing out his groin at practice on Wednesday and Thursday this week, Wayne felt better than he anticipated with his physical state heading into this grand stage.

As Wayne talks about playing in his franchise best 19th career postseason game on Sunday, you get the sense something more is at stake.

This environment is why Wayne is still lacing it up in season No. 14.

One of the major highlights of Wayne's Hall of Fame resume is what he's done this time of year.

With the more eyes watching, No. 87 seems to relish those moments.

The All-Time Leaders In Postseason Receptions And Receiving Yards




Jerry Rice

San Francisco, Oakland


Reggie Wayne



Hines Ward



Michael Irvin



Wes Welker

New England, Denver





Jerry Rice

San Francisco, Oakland


Michael Irvin



Cliff Branch

Oakland/L.A. Raiders


Reggie Wayne



Andre Reed



In Wayne's 14 NFL seasons, the Colts have played in win-or-go-home games in a dozen of those years.

"New Year's Eve I'm saying to myself, 'Man, when was the last time a season ended before New Year's Eve?.' I sat up there and said, 'Well, it's either go to a New Year's party or go practice football.' I'd rather practice football," Wayne says reflecting on his historic career.

"This is a time where not everybody can enjoy that luxury of having, and that's why after the games you want to exhaust yourself in that moment. You want to go out there and you want to give it everything you have to make sure that you've done everything you possibly can."

Sunday Wayne will once again be the final Colts player announced during pregame introductions.

With his contract up at the end of the season, Wayne has handled the retirement questions several times.

Has Wayne thought if Sunday could be his final game (or home game) as a Colt?

"I don't look at it like this could be the last one," Wayne said on Friday. "I go into each game, each practice in that moment. If it's practice, I'm going to go out there and practice and I'm going to treat this practice like it's a game day. I'm going to give it everything I've got. When I get in the cold tub, I'm going to be exhausted. When it's a game, if a game's over and I get home and I'm not tired, then it's a problem.

"I think that's something that we all said to each other in the locker room. Let's live in this moment. Let's not worry about what goes on afterwards, what can happen later. Just live in this moment, enjoy it, embrace it and get the best out of it."

Reggie's highlights from the 2014 season.

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