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Pat McAfee To Host Radio Show Broadcasted In Indianapolis Studio

Intro: Retirement is here for Pat McAfee. What exactly will McAfee be doing in his post-football life with Barstool Sports?


INDIANAPOLIS – Fans won't have to wait very long to see just how Pat McAfee will be spending his immediate life after football.

McAfee's early contributions as Chief Operating Officer of Barstool Indy will include a radio show on SIRIUS and a TV show airing on Barstool's social channels.

The shows will be broadcasted from Barstool's new downtown Indianapolis headquarters.

Staying in Indy was what completed the deal for McAfee's post-football life.

"They wanted me to come to New York and work for them and I literally refused," McAfee said Thursday on the “Ride With JMV” of the decision that became real in the past month and a half. "I said, 'I can't do it. I will not leave Indiana.'

"Indiana has this Hoosier hospitality that makes everybody a family. I view everybody in Indiana as a friend. When people come talk to me at the mall it's not like a fan or people coming to take a crazy picture, they just say, 'What's up Pat?' because it's like we are all friends with each other."

Specific details for McAfee's shows and other Barstool projects are still to be worked out. For now, the radio show on SIRIUS is expected to debut in the coming weeks, airing at 11:00 p.m.

'Barstool Sports Live' is the on-camera/TV show, starting at 5:00 p.m.

The Indy-hub of barstool will include a TV studio, basketball court and golf simulator.

One of McAfee's main objectives will be to help further the growth of Indianapolis.

"Hopefully we will be able to create some great content all the while broadcasting a huge spotlight on the city of Indianapolis to millions and millions of people across the country who might not know a lot of about Indianapolis," McAfee says.

McAfee will be partnering with local comedian Todd McCombs to run things out of the downtown studio.

They will be looking for a staff of around 10-to-15 people.

With McAfee, Barstool is adding a perspective from an ex-professional athlete, with no handcuffs and filter allowing 'Pat to be Pat.'

Walking away from more than 5 million dollars is something McAfee knows seems crazy to many, but it was time for the former Pro Bowl punter to pursue a new endeavor.

"I will not be getting back in and playing football, unless this completely fails, which it has a chance to," McAfee admits. "This has a chance to fall right on its face. But we'll see what happens.

"The ability to make people laugh is one that I think is priceless right now. That's what I wanted to shift my focus to."

Worry crept into McAfee's mind in recent weeks when thinking about the reaction to his retirement.

He was worried what Jim Irsay would think. Irsay has helped McAfee feel financially comfortable enough to pursue his next career. When McAfee met with Irsay earlier this week, the Owner first tried to coax him back into playing, before realizing that the passion was too great. Eventually, Irsay was giving McAfee articles to help his former punter succeed in his next gig.

McAfee was worried what Colts fans would think of him leaving the game of football so suddenly. Instead, the support has been overflowing. Even the IPL building downtown lit up in a blue No. 1 on Thursday night to honor McAfee.

The NFL has provided McAfee the opportunity to follow something he's always wanted to do.

That reality is now here.

"This is me chasing fulfillment instead of dollars," McAfee says.

"The NFL was never my dream job, this is though." *

Pat McAfee's career highlights with the Colts from 2009-2016.

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