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Pagano on 2014 Offense: "The Sky's the Limit"

With the regular season back in action, the Chuck Pagano show returns hosted by ‘Voice of the Colts’ Bob Lamey on Monday nights. Here’s some of the highlights from the final Pagano show of the year following the team’s 43-22 loss to the New England Patriots.


Here's some of the highlights from the final Pagano Show of the year following the team's 43-22 loss to the New England Patriots:

On a lot to be proud of despite falling short in the playoffs:

"There's no doubt about it. Very proud of the coaches, the players and they should be very proud of the things that they accomplished. Again, back-to-back 11-win seasons, winning the division, getting that thing back, sweeping the division, taking one step further, wining a playoff game, all those things. There are many, many things that we will take from this season that we can all be proud of."

On the work that needs to get done to kickoff the offseason:

"No question about it. It started early (Monday) morning. We are going to evaluate every aspect of our football team and our football program, moving forward. We've got player evaluations to do. We've got the research and the development departments are in full swing. They open up. We will dissect everything we did in all three phases, A-to-Z, dot all the I's, cross all the T's and see the areas we improved and the areas that we've got to pay specific attention to, to get better, to take the next step. You've got a combine coming up.

"Fortunately, the way things worked out, we do get to go to Hawaii. This staff gets to go to Hawaii to coach in the Pro Bowl. The way they do the teams now, the division losers and the rankings by record, the way it fell this year, we get to go over there next week and coach in the Pro Bowl. It will be a great thing for our staff, our coaches, their wives and their families to be able to over there for a week and enjoy some sun, some rest and relaxation. Well deserved on a great year."

On how bright the future looks:

"You just look at the guys on IR, we had 17 guys that we put on IR. And you look at the guys specifically on the offensive side of the football, you're talking about five starters that we lost. You are going to get all those guys coming back, all the young guys that got to play and got the experience that they gained this year by playing, they are going to get that year with a lot of time on the field under their belt. They are going to be that much better. When you look to the future, you look at what we did this year, taking the step that we took, we really felt that we took the next step. We didn't reach our ultimate goal and we are never satisfied. We will grind until we do reach that ultimate goal."

On how much improvement he sees on offense next season:

"With all those guys coming back, I think the sky's the limit. Again, it's hard when you losing a starting guard, your starting tight end, your blocking tight end. Guys wonder why you struggled to run the ball, well when you had the injuries you had on the offensive line losing Donald Thomas, losing Dwayne Allen, who's your point of attack blocker in the run game at the tight end position. Getting all those guys back, definitely the two runners, Reggie (Wayne), we are going to be much better."

On if T.Y. Hilton is nearing "superstar" status:

"He's making an argument. He's well on his way. Whether he's there or not, time will tell. The guy's a tireless worker. We know from a talent standpoint that he's a big play waiting to happen, every time he touches the ball. He had a fantastic year, record-breaking season. I know his mindset and his work ethic. He's going to come back better than ever. I don't know how much bigger he's going to get. He'll probably add a little bit of muscle. He's well on his way to being a guy in the conversation as one of the best to play his position."

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