General Manager Ryan Grigson and Head Coach Chuck Pagano made a return visit to the NFL Combine on Thursday, but they made it for the first time together as decision-makers for the Colts. The pair will oversee the club’s evaluation of the collegiate talent on hand but speaking on the first day of the workouts, the chief topic remained the status of Peyton Manning.



INDIANAPOLIS** – Ryan Grigson and Chuck Pagano have a combined NFL Combine experience of almost a quarter century.

Each visited in the past with different teams and Thursday was the first day they attended joined together as decision-makers of the Colts.  Both took to the podiums on the ground floor of the east side of Lucas Oil Stadium to face inquiring media, local and national.

The prevailing topic was predictable, and each indicated there is no update to the medical matter involving quarterback Peyton Manning.  After each finished 15-minute segments, Grigson and Pagano went on to the matter of evaluating collegiate talent.

"It's an on-going process," said Pagano of Manning and his medical rehabilitation.  "We're evaluating everybody on the roster right now.  We'll continue to do that.  The staff is in place, so they're going through that process right now.  Our main focus, obviously, is on the 250-plus players that are here right now."

The Colts and Manning have a March 8 date when there is scheduled to be a decision on his future with the team.  Grigson was asked when a decision might come.

"Exactly, March 8.  It's an on-going process," said Grigson.  "It's something that obviously is not going to be a rash thing.  We've taken our time.  I know you guys would like to know more.  Everyone would like to have this nailed down, but there are a lot of variables and factors involved.  

"There's a great player involved that's near and dear to us and to the organization.  We want to do it the right way, do what's best for the organization and for Peyton. … His situation is its own entity that is still on-going and we're still working towards getting that resolved.  There are things that aren't under our control leading up to that point."

Manning missed the 2011 season after not missing a start in his first 13 years.  Manning has undergone neck procedures in the past couple of years and is trying to regain full health.

"We have been in talks with him, he's talked to (Owner and CEO) Jim (Irsay) quite a bit," said Grigson.  "They have a very amicable relationship.  They've spoken.  He needs to be healthy. Hopefully over the course of time here, we'll have more for you.  Right now, there is nothing I can tell you that is different than before."

Pagano stressed, too, that communication is on-going and that nothing new has emerged.

"You know in the paper you see that (Owner and CEO) Jim (Irsay) and Peyton are in communication with each other.  The lines of communication are open," said Pagano.  "They've had a long relationship, obviously."

Pagano was asked about his excitement level in attending the Combine as a head coach and what this time of year holds for someone in his position.

"It's hard to put into words," said Pagano.  "It's a great opportunity.  Like I said from the beginning, this is a great opportunity (with) the Combine coming up, having a chance to evaluate all these guys.  (It's) an on-going process evaluating our own team.  I feel like the luckiest man in the world right now."

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