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No Rust In Andrew Luck's Return To Regular Season Football

Intro: Returning to regular season football for the first time in 10 months, Andrew Luck looked like the franchise quarterback that he is in Indianapolis.


INDIANAPOLIS – That right shoulder of Andrew Luck sure does not appear to be hindered in any way.

Luck was "limited" in practice this past week.

On Sunday afternoon, he was back to the heroics those in Lucas Oil Stadium witness as almost second nature for the team's franchise quarterback.

With the Colts needing every ounce of Luck's brilliance on Sunday, the quarterback gave them that in an effort that fell seconds short of a season-opening victory.

"(Luck) was outstanding and played exceptional football," Chuck Pagano said after Luck went 31-of-47 for 385 yards, four touchdowns and no interceptions against the Lions.

"He did a great job working the pocket, going through his progressions and finding his guys."

The Colts entered Week One knowing that they had to rely, rather heavily, on Luck and the offense.

Luck did his best to keep things interesting, especially in the second half.

In helping the Colts to 450 yards of total offense (the most for the Colts since November 2014), Luck orchestrated a comeback from 18 points.

"We did find a rhythm," Luck said after his first regular season action in 10 months.

"Certainly that two-minute drive at the end of the (first) half was good for everybody. We found a good rhythm, run and pass, it was a good mix. Again, we need to find that rhythm earlier and that's going to be the goal for this week."

With the NFL's menacing Broncos defense waiting next week, Luck was adamant that the slow starts for the Colts, and himself, have to cease.

As you would expect, Luck downplayed his individual return to regular season football.

"I'm always happy to be playing on a football field and this was no exception," Luck said after the 39-35 loss.

Earlier this week, Jim Irsay touched on the expectations for the 2016 Colts.

When Irsay brought up Luck, the Owner said it was not far fetched at all for the quarterback to receive MVP-attention this year.

Luck played like one on Sunday and the Colts will likely need more of that early in the season, with the added defensive back injuries that occurred on Sunday.

All week long, the Colts assured that there was nothing to fret over on Luck being limited at practice.

On Sunday, Luck backed up those comments.

But despite an individual performance that ranks up there with any in his career, Luck was left shaking his head after Week One.

"At the end of the day," Luck said, "in this business it's about a win or a loss."

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