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During his two seasons as the Stanford offensive coordinator, Pep Hamilton’s unit employed a variety of formations that allowed his attack to become one of the nation’s most productive. It helped the Cardinal earn back-to-back BCS appearances.





INDIANAPOLIS – As Pep Hamilton addressed a variety of topics on what exactly his scheme will possess next fall, he kept coming back to a pair of words that have been a part of evolving offensive systems around the NFL.

In Hamilton's half-hour media session on Wednesday afternoon, those listening kept on hearing the words "versatile" and "deception" thrown around when the Colts' offensive coordinator offered up an idea of what to expect out of his unit this season.

According to Sports Illustrated's Peter King, the San Francisco 49ers offense lined up in "13 different alignments using 12 different combinations of running backs, wide receivers and tight ends" to begin Super Bowl XLVII.

With only being able to dress 46 players every week, the ability to have versatile pieces lining up in a multitude of sets will be something the Colts will look for in 2013.

"If we can keep the one-trick ponies off the field, it just puts a lot more pressure on our opponents defensively to try and anticipate what it is that we want to do," Hamilton said.

"We like the versatile guy, the guy that can present the conflicts."

A deceptive offense is something that Hamilton is striving for in his scheme, and he has already been introduced to a player that certainly fits many roles.

Many times last season Colts tight end Dwayne Allen was used in an H-back role and even saw some time carrying the football.

The days of a big, bruising, pure run-blocking fullback in the NFL is fading.  A player like the 255-pound Allen still caught 45 passes to go along with his prowess in the run game.

"I think if you just look at the versatility of Dwayne Allen and his ability to line up in the backfield and lead block, or detach and line up in the slot and win the one-on-one matchup, that's a tremendous weapon that you want to have in any offense," Hamilton said.

In the few weeks that Hamilton has been on the job, he has not had time to see much sunlight. Instead he has burrowed himself inside the Indiana Farm Bureau Football Center assessing what he will be working with come springtime.

Hamilton, who served as Stanford's offensive coordinator from 2011-12, already was familiar with the Colts' signal-caller, Andrew Luck, and also likes what he sees at No. 12's disposal.

"I think we have tough, smart offensive linemen," said Hamilton.  "We have receivers that can win the one-on-one matchups.  We have tight ends that are versatile.  I'm a big fan of versatile tight ends and having those things in place, and we have some good, young runners that can move the pile."

Those parts have the 38-year old Hamilton very excited to try and "win the championships of all championships" in returning to the NFL.

How the Colts offense exactly lines up come early September is to be determined over the coming months, and Hamilton is itching to start creating his piece of art.

"I think the personnel that we have now, the guys that we have on campus, we can go out and execute the offense the way that we ultimately want to execute the offense," Hamilton said.  "Mr. Grigson and Coach Pagano, they choose the pieces, and I piece the puzzle together to score some touchdowns on game day."

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