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NFL Combine: Real Questions Teams Asked Players

Sometimes teams try to get a prospect rattled in the interview process to see how they react. These questions probably did the trick.

INDIANAPOLIS --- We do not know which teams asked these questions, but we do know players said they heard each of these questions during the interview process at this year's NFL Combine.

Every year you hear about funny or odd questions teams use to try and get players off their "script", so to speak. In other words, they want to get players off the canned, memorized answers their agents prepped them for and get more honest reactions from these players.

"The agents have done a great job in the past five or six years of prepping them for every single question," said Cardinals Head Coach and former Colts Offensive Coordinator Bruce Arians at this year's Combine. "I can't say what I ask, because I'd probably get fined for it, but I'll ask them stuff that's not in that book. I promise you, just to shake 'em. You want to see them shaken up a little bit, see how they recover." and NFL Now Draft Analyst and former Seahawks and Panthers scout Bucky Brooks said last week one question he remembers was, "Would you wear panties if nobody was around?"

Yes, we're talking that level of awkward and rattling. Again, nobody knows who asked players these questions, but they happened at this Combine. Welcome to the NFL, rookies.

Do you find your mother attractive?

Do you like taxes?

Would you draft a cat or a dog?

Would you share your Internet history?

Do you come from a family with both parents?

What was the tallest mountain before they measured Mount Everest? (The answer is Mount Everest. It is still the tallest mountain regardless of when anybody measured it.)

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