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NFC Coaches With High Praise For Frank Gore, Other Colts Free Agent Additions

Intro: Wednesday marked the final day of the Annual League Meetings. The day began with NFC head coaches meeting the media for an hour and Colts talk was included.





PHOENIX – It's getaway day for league personnel at the Annual League Meetings in Arizona.

There was still business to attend to on Wednesday morning though, highlighted by the NFC coaches meeting with the media for an hour.

Here are some final day headlines from the conclusion of the Annual League Meetings:

The debate over what to do with the PAT was a headliner to start the week and it looks like those talks will be at the forefront of the discussion in May at the Spring Meetings. The indecision on how to change the PAT, if it needs to be changed at all, comes from no real consensus on what proposal makes the most sense. It does sound like the there will be a rule change coming for the PAT in 2015.

The Los Angeles talks regarding the Chargers, Rams and Raiders won't see any traction for at least two more years it seems like (in terms of having a team in place for the 2015 or 2016 season). Jim Irsay said earlier this week that no team has been presented themselves for re-location in front of the owners, which is a major step in that process.

If postseason expansion is coming, it's doesn't appear to be coming this season. The addition of adding another Wild Card game obviously throws the scheduling wrench into things. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell made it clear that they don't want to conflict with the college National Championship game that falls on that Monday night after Wild Card weekend. Also, a Thursday night playoff game seems to be an option.

This is a storyline that will be intersting to keep an eye on if it ever gains momentum. Right now you can only dress 46 of the players on your 53-man roster. Would the 53-man roster grow if you were now allowed to dress 50 players on game day? The Colts are a team that prides themselves on how they use their practice squad, so they could be a favorite of dressing more guys.

Wednesday was the final day at the Annual League Meetings and it began with the NFC head coaches meeting the media for an hour-long breakfast. I had a chance to ask several coaches affiliated with the NFC West about Frank Gore. As you would expect, coaches spoke very highly of Gore and Quinn himself will once again be preparing for the new Colts running back in 2015, with Atlanta versus Indianapolis on the schedule.

Another offseason league event has come and gone and the probability of the Buccaneers taking Jameis Winston No. 1 overall continuing to rise.  The Colts host Tampa Bay next year, so it's looking more and more like Lucas Oil Stadium will have Winston inside the venue one more time in 2015 (he was also in Indianapolis for the Combine in February).

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