More Vocal Andrew Luck Enters Fifth NFL Season Embracing Leadership Role

Intro: Watch a Colts’ practice this Training Camp and you’re going to hear the booming voice of Andrew Luck. Have Luck’s new teammates noticed a more vocal No. 12 this offseason?


ANDERSON, Ind. – If you're a member of the Colts' offense in 2016, don't expect to hear much indecision when Andrew Luck is speaking to you.

Luck's message this offseason has been more of a directive one, and that's just fine to his teammates.

Anthony Castonzo takes you inside just how Luck's communication has evolved into a more "forceful" tone.

"In the past, it's, 'Hey, we need you to do this.' Now, it's, 'This is where you need to be,'" Castonzo says, explaining Luck taking more control, from a vocal standpoint.

"There's no tiptoeing around it. I think he recognizes that we have a goal and if we want to get there, you can't really be cautious about how you talk to people."

The 2016 season for Luck has brought different voices into his ears.

Gone is his collegiate coach and the NFL coordinator he's worked with the longest, Pep Hamilton.

Clyde Christensen, Luck's only position coach in the NFL, has moved on to Miami.

Veteran backup Matt Hasselbeck is now delivering wisdom via ESPN.

With all the turnover around Luck, he's seized the need to be the constant, consistent voice for the offense.

"I think he's taken more ownership," left guard Jack Mewhort says of No. 12.

"It's been really good this offseason to see him become more vocal. He's a natural born leader, but to see him take more steps in that is great."

Even Luck acknowledges himself speaking up more and more.

There was never any doubt that Luck was the cornerstone of the current and future of the Colts.

If there was, pen to paper on a six-year contract last month cemented his presence in the Circle City.

"It's a privilege to play five years in the same place in this league, so I take that role seriously as a quarterback," Luck says.

"Obviously, I think a natural progression as the older you get the more of a role you're going to take and maybe the way you embrace that role changes a little bit. I know I've definitely been more vocal as the years have gone on. And maybe feel like if my opinion needs to be heard, I don't hesitate in making sure that it's said.

"So, to me, it's a privilege. I feel honored to be a quarterback in this league and the quarterback for the Colts."

Highlights from the first practice of the Colts 2016 Training Camp.

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