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How Michael Pittman Jr. is embracing Colts' underdog label, and what motivation he still draws from 2022 season

Pittman joined the Official Colts Podcast after reporting to training camp to look ahead to give his perspective on where things stand with the Colts this summer.


Michael Pittman Jr. isn't letting the sting of 2022 go just yet. There's no Neosporin for a 4-12-1 record; the only treatment for it is winning.

"I just think about the feelings from last season after it was done and knowing, I don't ever want to feel like that again," Pittman said on this week's edition of the Official Colts Podcast. "That was by far the lowest I've ever been playing football. So knowing that you got to do everything in your power to make sure nothing like that happens again. As long as you can say that you did everything, then I think I can live with that. But going back to last year as a team, I don't think we did that."

Listen to the full interview with Pittman and the gang's discussion after training camp report day on the Official Colts Podcast presented by WynnBet on:

But because of that 4-12-1 record, plenty of analysts and TV talking heads dismissed the Colts as an AFC basement-dweller before a single player even arrived at Grand Park on Tuesday for the start of training camp. The way Pittman sees it, though: Good.

Keep that energy. We'll show you.

"Everybody is just writing us off that we're gonna be a bottom-five team or like, whatever," Pittman said. "That's kind of what we want — you know what I'm saying? You want teams to be like, oh, it's just the Colts. And then we come right through and punch them in the mouth.

"Just having that underdog role, that's something that we could really embrace and take on that role, kind of like how Philly did it. Nobody really thought Philly was Philly until they went on this 10-0 run, and people were still talking about hey, Philly is not that good. Like, Philly's not that good. And then they keep going, they go to the Super Bowl. … That's what we're all trying to do. And then Shane (Steichen) comes from Philly, right? So maybe he's bringing that same underdog mentality that they had."

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