Meet The Coach: Ted Monachino

Intro: Over the next few weeks, will publish Q & A’s with all of the team’s assistant coaches. Here, we will get to know new Defensive Coordinator Ted Monachino.


INDIANAPOLIS – Ted Monachino's first coaching gig called for a pickup truck to store a mower and field liner.

His coaching duties have evolved over the years to where he now arrives in Indianapolis for his first ever coordinating position at the collegiate or professional level.

Get to know new Defensive Coordinator Ted Monachino:Describe your journey to Indianapolis

"I was a middle of the road college football player. I was fortunate enough to have some really great coaches. I realized it about midway through my sophomore season that I wasn't going to be an NFL player so I started to pay close attention to how they operated, and what they did daily. I always wanted to stay in the game and I knew that was a way I could stay in the game. I was a high school coach for six years, a college coach for 10 and now 11 years in this league. It took a long time to become an overnight success but I wouldn't change one thing about how I did it. My first coaching job (Hannibal High School, Missouri), I had a car and traded it off for a pickup so I could carry a mower and field liner in the back of it. The first thing I taught was how to put the pads in their pants. That process has been exactly how you would expect. Some guys get an opportunity earlier in their career than I did, but again I wouldn't change one thing with how it went."Most memorable moment in football

"When (the Ravens) got Ted Ginn Jr. on the ground in Super Bowl 47, on the last play of the game. Obviously that was a surreal moment for us, my biggest moment individually. There were so many huge wins as a high school coach and big wins as a college coach. But none bigger than that one."When did you know you wanted to be a coach?

"Probably the first time I stood in front of a team of players, which was the first day of school, my first year out of college. Knowing that a teacher, by trade, in that setting, can make a difference, I knew that's where I wanted to be and that's what I wanted to do. From my first team meeting on."Favorite part about coaching

"Practice. Being on the grass with the players. Seeing them develop. Seeing them improve and watching them think."Describe your coaching style

"Demanding. Detailed oriented. I would say fair, honest."Who was your biggest influence growing up?

"My family. There are some guys that are in these roles, that have a coaching background with their family and I'm one of those. My father was a high school coach until he decided he wanted to be an administrator. I've been coached my whole life."Favorite hobby

"Love to play golf. Don't get to play enough in this business, but I love to play golf. Also, love to watch movies with my sons."Favorite food

"Spaghetti and meatballs."Favorite movie

"Godfather, the first one."Favorite music/genre

"Funk. I'm a pretty eclectic cat."Favorite place you've traveled

"I love Hilton Head, South Carolina."Why Indianapolis?

"I have a great deal of respect for Coach (Pagano) and wanted an opportunity to help him and to move my career in a positive direction in a leadership role. Mostly because of Coach (Pagano) and the reputation that this city has in supporting its Colts is remarkable."Favorite Spot/Part about Indy/Colts

"Love downtown. It's a vibrant city with a lot to do downtown."What do you want to see out of your defense?

"Aggressive in our style and in how we play. It's not going to be so much about what we play, it's going to be how we play. Fans are going to see passion. They'll see enthusiasm across the board, from our staff and our players."Family

Wife: Amy. Daughter: Mikalee. Sons: Sam, Michael.

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