Meet The Coach: Rob Chudzinski

Intro: Over the next few weeks, will publish Q & A’s with all of the team’s assistant coaches. Here, we will get to know new Offensive Coordinator Rob Chudzinski.


INDIANAPOLIS – Thrust into an interim duty last season, Rob Chudzinski now has that tag removed in 2016.

Chudzinski is the third Colts offensive coordinator under Chuck Pagano.

Indianapolis is Chud's third offensive coordinator position in the NFL.

Get to know new Offensive Coordinator Rob Chudzinski:

Describe your journey to Indianapolis

"I played and coached at the University of Miami. Then I went to Cleveland in 2004. I went to San Diego for two years. Then went back to Cleveland. Then back to San Diego. Then to Carolina for two years, Cleveland for one and here."Most memorable moment in football

"I think it would have to be as a player winning the National Championship. That was an awesome moment. As a coach, too. That's what you play for. That's what you coach for. There's a ton that goes into it. Finally getting to that moment and experiencing that, it's an unbelievable feeling for sure. That's why we do what we do---to try and get to that moment."When did you know you wanted to be a coach?

"I didn't expect it. I never really thought about it. I graduated and I was working. I had worked for a couple of years and ran into Dennis Erickson, who was the head coach at the time at the University of Miami. He asked me to be an assistant for him. I hadn't finished my Master's Degree and I wanted to work on that. I was like, 'I'll try this out.' As a player, you miss playing. It's not just the football itself. It's the brotherhood, the fellowship, the locker room, the things you experience as a family together. Coaching is probably the closest you get to it without being able to play. I started really not expecting to be doing it long term and ended up really enjoying it. One step led to another. I never really had a plan that I felt like I was trying to do this in coaching or go here. I've just followed the feeling that I had at the time to do whatever and go wherever. I've had a great experience in doing it."Favorite part about coaching

"I think it's just the competiveness of it. You get an opportunity to come to the NFL and it's the best coaches in the world that you get to go against and compete against. Obviously that's a big part of it and one thing. I'd say another thing is the fellowship you get as part of a team. The challenge of trying to lead people and guide them and get them to coming together. The third thing I think is the satisfaction of seeing that happen and those things come to fruition, and actually making things happen."Describe your coaching style

"I think it's probably changed over the years. I've been really fortunate to be around some great coaches. I've always tried to take different things from each person and apply them, and help mold the way I coach guys. I think it's pretty direct. I think I'm demanding of guys. I'd like to think I'm a good teacher. I remember Marty Schottenheimer saying that coaching is more about teaching than demanding. I expect a lot from the guys I coach and I'm a perfectionist. You want to make sure that all the details are covered and guys are always striving to be perfect. Now, when guys go into the game, they've got to go play and it's about playing fast and going to execute. I think trying to put those guys into the best position to be successful is what coaching is. Trying to bring the best out of them."Who was your biggest influence growing up?

"I think a ton of people. I think my high school coach was a huge influence in terms of coaching. I've been lucky enough to play for Jimmy Johnson. I mentioned Marty Schottenheimer, Norv Turner. There's just been a ton of people that have been hugely influential on me. I think as much as the coaches I've been around, there's been some players that I've been around that I've learned a lot from. The older you get, the more you coach, there's different ways to do things. And it's really about trying to find what's the right fit for that individual guy about how he can get things done, that still fits within the scheme and the overall concept that you're trying to incorporate."Favorite hobby

"I really don't have one. I have four kids so it's really chasing kids when I'm out of (the building). I'm not a golfer. It's family and football."Favorite food

"I'm thinking about a good steak right now."Favorite movie

"Braveheart."Favorite music/genre

"I'm an old rock and roll guy."Favorite place you've traveled

"Poland."Why Indianapolis?

"I think the biggest thing was knowing Chuck (Pagano) for so long. Then I met Ryan Grigson and just the feel of this place. The opportunity to be a part of a winning team and be around a place that was on the rise. I had known a number of guys already here but I think the relationship with Chuck was the biggest thing."Favorite Spot/Part about Indy/Colts

"I love going downtown, Broad Ripple. The people of Indy have been awesome to myself and my family especially. That's the thing that I think has stood out the most in moving here. Just how good the people are, how friendly the people are and how they've really taken my family in."What do you hope to see out of your offense?

"The same thing that Chuck wants to see in the team. A group that's aggressive, attacking, physical, plays tough, is versatile, finds different ways to win. That can play with a lot of grit, passion, loves playing. And that we play an exciting brand of ball and can do/help whatever we need to do to help the team to win. That may be different on any given week. That's the challenge about this league and I think that's fun."Family

Wife: Shiela. Sons: Kaelan, Rian, Declan. Daughter: Maggie.

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