Meet The Coach: Richard Howell

Intro: Over the next few weeks, will publish Q & A’s with all of the team’s assistant coaches. Here, we will get to know Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach Richard Howell.


INDIANAPOLIS – He's by far the longest tenured coach for the Indianapolis Colts.

Since 2000, Richard Howell has been a part of the Colts strength and conditioning program.

Just looking for any full-time gig back at the turn of the century, Howell has now spent more than a decade and a half in Indy.

Get to know Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach Richard Howell:

Describe your journey to Indianapolis

"Football kind of found me, at least coaching did. I was a biology pre-med major in college. Coaching found me. My first stop was my alma mater, Davidson College. I coached there for four years. My last two years I did strength and conditioning as well as football. Then I became a graduate assistant at the University of North Carolina for two years. One of those summers there I went over to NFL Europe with the Barcelona Dragons and was their strength coach. I finished that second year at UNC and came here in 2000."Most memorable moment in football

"Beating New England here (2007 AFC Championship), going to the Super Bowl to win it all. That's the big one. Absolutely."When did you know you wanted to be a coach?

"Probably after my second year of coaching. I always liked sports. Probably my second year I was like, 'This is really cool. I do like this.' By nature, I'm more of a giver. I like to teach and help others. I can help every generation I come in contact with to help them become better at what they do, professionally. But also have a chance to impact them personally and to be good people. Hopefully, one day to be good fathers and good husbands."Favorite part about coaching

"The great thing about strength and conditioning is I can interact with everybody. I just don't have a certain group. I don't just coach quarterbacks, or just coach DBs, linemen. I get a chance to interact with all of the players. Just knowing that, and I can impact all of their lives a little bit, that's the greatest part of it all. And to see some of these guys grow and mature, physically, but just really to see them mature and grow in how they make decisions, how they see things, how they live their lives, that's the most incredible part of it all. Yes, we are all here to win games. You don't win games, you're out of here. We've been very fortunate since we've been here to win a lot of games. I don't take that for granted at all. But you win games because you do see the growth and maturity in some of these young men. So they can be professionals, can play well, put in the extra work to be great. When you've got a lot of kids that don't do that, it's going to be hard to win. It's been really great professionally that we have brought in a lot of good people who want to be better, are self motivated."Describe your coaching style

"Coaching is teaching. If you're going to be a good coach, you've got to be a teacher. Bottom line. End of the day. If you can't teach, you are not going to be a very good coach. Otherwise, you are screaming and yelling most of the time. Each kid is going to understand things a little bit differently so you've got to be able to approach them in a way, or describe what you want done, that exercise, or that run, so they can get it done and it's going to benefit them the most."Who was your biggest influence growing up?

"My family, without a doubt. I am the youngest of seven kids. The next sibling to me is 10 years older so I didn't just have a mom and a dad, I pretty much had, mom and dad, plus six more. They wouldn't let me get out of line, no way, no how. My family was my biggest influence, no doubt. I grew up on a farm so that's where the work ethic comes from. We were always told, you work hard, you do your best, you be kind to everyone. That's who we are. Your word is your bond. Good ole, back wood values that you learn as a kid. That's what my mom and dad and older siblings just preached to me daily. No matter what I would have done in life, because of what they've given me and how they've supported me, I think I would have done very well."Favorite hobby

"I'm a hunter and a fisherman."Favorite food

"Seafood and ribs. Being from North Carolina and the east coast, I'm a big fresh seafood guy."Favorite movie

"I enjoyed Remember the Titans."Favorite music/genre

"Gospel."Favorite quote

"Jeremiah 29:11."Favorite place you've traveled

"Hawaii."Why Indianapolis?

"It was the NFL. I didn't really have another job. I was still at the University of North Carolina as a GA. It was a full-time job (in Indy). The NFL was an aspiration, even as a player. As a kid growing up, I wanted to be in the NFL. I can truly say God had other plans for me. The path that I'm on right now, I don't think it can get any better. As a player I probably would have only played four or five years, if I'm lucky. I've been here in one spot for 16 years. That's unbelievable in itself. I've been to two Super Bowls, won one. I've met a lot of great people."Favorite Spot/Part about Indy/Colts

"This has been a great place to raise a family, a great place to live. Everything comes through here culturally and socially. This organization has been incredible. This is definitely a family."What do you want players to get out of the strength program?

"I want them to acquire certainly the necessary skills that transfers from here to the field, so they can perform at a high level and hopefully prevent injuries. That's what I want them to acquire, that muscular integrity, the joint integrity so they can withstand the forces that they are going to have to endure on the field, so that they can play not only this season, but I want them to have a long career. Hopefully during that time they will develop a work ethic and have an appreciation for what they are doing here in the weight room."Family

Wife: Karen. Daughter: Alexis. Sons: Jacob, Joshua.

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