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Meet The Coach: Quadrian Banks

Intro: Over the next few weeks, will publish Q & A’s with all of the team’s assistant coaches. Here, we will get to know new Performance and Conditioning Analyst Quadrian Banks.


INDIANAPOLIS – For Quadrian Banks, good thing football is a fall sport.

Or else that would interfere with Banks' Sunday night plans this time of year.

Banks, a performance and conditioning analyst for the Colts, came to Indy after three seasons with the Philadelphia Eagles.

Get to know new Performance and Conditioning Analyst Quadrian Banks:

Describe your journey to Indianapolis

"I was at the University of Texas as a student assistant in the weight room, kind of an intern/graduate assistant type of deal as a student. I went to grad school at Prairie View A&M, which is a SWAC school in Houston, Texas. From Prairie View I went to Velocity Sports Performance in Florida. That's where I got a lot of the speed and agility/movement techniques that we kind of use here. From Velocity, my first collegiate full-time position was Hampton University. I was an assistant performance coach there. That's where I coached Kendall Langford. I was there for the offseason program. Then I went to the University of Richmond, which was not too far away. I trained those guys for a year and a half. From Richmond, I went to Ole Miss University, worked for Houston Nutt. That was a great stop down in the SEC. Then from Ole Miss, I did a little personal training. Then I went to Gardner-Webb University in Boiling Springs, North Carolina. From Gardner-Webb, I went to the Philadelphia Eagles for the last three seasons."Most memorable moment in football

"I'd say a five-overtime game when I was at Richmond. We played the University of Delaware. We went five overtimes and it was just one of those white knuckle, you're up, you're down, it was crazy. We won it. Another (moment) was going back to play the Dallas Cowboys, who was the hometown team of course, with the Eagles. We beat them at Dallas to go to the playoffs. That was in 2013."When did you know you wanted to be a coach?

"I would say in college. I started off in engineering and that didn't quite work out too well. The numbers turned into letters (laughs) and I was like, 'Let's go back into the athletics side of it.' I started off personal training in the classes and stuff they give you. My teacher said, 'You might want to try athletics.' It was like, one of those, 'You don't go into athletics unless you're an athlete.' She kind of had an in with the basketball strength coach. I met him and it was awesome. He knew the strength coaches and the players and I just kind of found my way into the weight room in both places, football and basketball."Favorite part about coaching

"I love the energy that being a strength coach brings. Just the environment. I get to wear dry fit shorts and tennis shoes every day to work. And just feed off the energy of the guys and be around the best athletes in the world. It's fun."Describe your coaching style

"High energy. I love to bring energy and intensity. I would say those two things. I think those two are contagious."Who was your biggest influence growing up?

"I'm most like my mom, a single parent who put me on my path."Favorite hobby

"It's a close call between Game of Thrones and driving. I love to drive but I'm not going to miss Game of Thrones on Sunday night. I'm happy that I have a fall sport that I coach because if it was in the spring and football was Sunday night…it would be a tough deal."Favorite food

"Chipotle bowl."Favorite movie

"Fast and the Furious."Favorite music/genre

"Rock and roll."Favorite quote

"Iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another."Favorite place you've traveled

"Riviera Maya, Mexico."Why Indianapolis?

"It was a no brainer. I always had respect for the Colts organization, Coach (Chuck) Pagano and Coach (Darren) Krein. I was really impressed by Coach Krein's style, laid back but really knowledgeable, humble. Then when he called an offered the position it was like, 'Let's do it.'"Favorite Spot/Part about Indy/Colts

"Tegry Bistro."

What do you hope players get out of the strength and conditioning program?

"I want them to be able to say that between (the strength coaches) and the program that we put forth, in some way, shape or form, they left better than they came in. Whether as a man, as an athlete, as a football player. In some way, shape or form, there's something that we have kind of built in this room that when they walk in and they walk out, they've been better. You need to come into the weight room because you are going to get something from it. We are going to pour into you and you are going to get something out of it."Family

Wife (AnneMarie)

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