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Matt Hasselbeck Joins Brett Favre, Warren Moon In NFL History

Intro: With his third straight victory on Sunday afternoon, 40-year-old Matt Hasselbeck continues to make things look much easier than it should for a backup quarterback.


ATLANTA – The company he joins is Warren Moon (Pro Football Hall of Famer) and Brett Favre (soon to be Pro Football Hall of Famer).

Moon, Favre and Matt Hasselbeck are the only quarterbacks in the Super Bowl era to win at least three consecutive starts after their 40th birthday.

The cheers coming out of the Colts locker room after Sunday's 24-21 victory were quite audible when Chuck Pagano slung a game ball Hasselbeck's way after the 40-year-old quarterback joined the Canton-ers in NFL lore.

"He is unbelievable," Pagano said of Hasselbeck after the win in Atlanta.

"He has prepared like a starter ever since he has been on our ball team. He is one of those guys, and even at his age, he can scramble and extend plays. He spreads the ball out and gets it to our playmakers, and made just enough plays to win this game."

The plays from Hasselbeck on Sunday included the gunslinger firing passes from just about every arm slot possible (including a backwards pass to offensive lineman Joe Reitz).

Hasselbeck ended Sunday 23-of-32 for 213 yards, two touchdowns and two interceptions (per Pro Football Focus, Hasselbeck completed one pass longer than nine yards Sunday. He was 22-of-24 for 187 yards on passes shorter than that).

Things aren't supposed to be pretty when a backup quarterback enters the fray for extended action.

No matter the strokes and methods Hasselbeck has used in his three starts this season, the end has been three masterpieces---and an unblemished record.

"We just keep scratching and clawing and doing what we can," Hasselbeck said after the win.

"These are not perfect circumstances. You would love to have your starting quarterback playing. You would love to have a lot of different things. We have got Chud [Rob Chudzinski] calling plays now and doing a great job. It's hard. It's not how we envisioned this year going, but (Chud) is doing a great job. We are working together, we are working hard. To come out on the right side of the fine line between winning and losing, is very important and feels good."

To put it frank, backup quarterbacks (not named Matt Hasselbeck) have been woeful in the NFL this season.

The luxury the Colts have in Hasselbeck isn't taken for granted inside the locker room.

"He could do this with his eyes closed," D'Qwell Jackson says shaking his head in marvel at Hasselbeck.

"I know that guy is playing his tail off, so I want to make sure I'm holding up my end of the bargain."

Photos from the week 11 game against the Atlanta Falcons

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