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Robert Mathis always has been about winning – and sacking quarterbacks. He is ready to welcome Bjoern Werner to the fold in the coming days. Werner, the club’s top draft pick, hails from Germany and knows Mathis, sort of. They soon will meet in person.





INDIANAPOLIS – Next week in Indianapolis, the Colts' active sack leader will meet a new accomplice in mayhem.

Robert Mathis will meet Bjoern Werner and during the season, they hope to meet at the quarterback – over and over again.

Mathis has made impressions on quarterbacks 91.5 times in his career, some of them registering with Werner in Berlin, Germany as he watched NFL highlights then mimicked Mathis on video games.

Werner will be entering the club's facility for a second time.  On his first visit, he said he hopes Mathis is willing to take him around the NFL block.

"Now, I can ask Robert Mathis questions.  I can't believe that," said Werner a day after being drafted.  "I can ask him questions and he can teach me stuff, if he's willing to.  I hope he does."

It will be a meeting of Georgia and Germany natives, and Mathis, ever the pro and great guy, is up for the opportunity.

"From what I hear, he's from Germany.  I saw a couple of stories about him saying he was 12 and 13 (when he saw me on the Madden game), so it makes me feel old," said Mathis.  "At the same time, it lets me know what I've done has been respected.

"(I'd) never (have a problem about helping him).  He's a fellow quarterback-hater, so he's alright with me."

Mathis was an inspired choice by the Colts in 2003, given his size (less than 240 pounds) and collegiate background (Alabama A&M, the only school that offered him a scholarship – and the last one at that).

Tony Dungy recently said he was never more impressed by a draft pick with which he was associated, yet a player of Mathis' caliber wanted guidance when he hit Indianapolis, too.

"When I came in, it was Chad Bratzke," said Mathis.  "He was here, and he helped me a lot.  I'm that guy (now).  He (Bratzke) was 10 years (into his career) my rookie year (2003).  I'm 11 years (in, and it's) Werner's first year. 

"I'll be the old guy, the angel watching over him and guide him and advise him any way I can."

Mathis lost his "running buddy" in the off-season when the Colts chose not to re-sign Dwight Freeney.  Freeney's departure leaves Mathis as the franchise's leading active sacker, and he has an outside chance to overtake Freeney (107.5).

Now he has a talented player to counsel in a school that involved hard knocks.

"(He came a) long way.  Everybody has a story," said Mathis.  "Hopefully, he can come in here and help us.  We're shooting for the stars."

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