Madden NFL 20 Ratings: Colts Rookies

The popular EA Sports Madden video game franchise is back once again with “Madden NFL 20.” How did the game rate the Indianapolis Colts’ 2019 draft picks heading into the 2019 season?


NDIANAPOLIS — I'd imagine several members of the Indianapolis Colts' 2019 draft class have created themselves on an EA Sports Madden NFL game once or twice over the years.

I mean, what's better than pumping up your attributes and dominating the league week in and week out? Or you can do it the hard way and start out with a modest rating and work your way up the depth chart.

Whatever the case may be, come early next month, the members of the Colts' 2019 draft class won't need to create themselves in the game any longer. On Aug. 2, EA Sports is releasing "Madden NFL 20," which you can pre-order by clicking here.

Luckily, you don't have to wait to know how the game has rated the 10 Colts draft picks heading into the 2019 season. Continuing a tradition we started last year, here are the Madden NFL 20 overall ratings, one standout rating and one "ridiculous rating" for the entire Colts draft class:

» Cornerback Rock Ya-Sin

• Overall rating: 70

• Standout rating: Ya-Sin has a jump rating of 93.

• Ridiculous rating: Frank Reich won't be tricking any defenders by putting Ya-Sin under center; he has a playaction quarterback rating of 6.


» Linebacker Ben Banogu

• Overall rating: 69

• Standout rating: Banogu has an acceleration rating of 88.

• Ridiculous rating: Despite having excellent acceleration, don't count on Banogu running the go route on offense; he has a deep route running rating of 5.


» Wide receiver Parris Campbell

• Overall rating: 71

• Standout rating: Campbell has a speed rating of 94.

• Ridiculous rating: Campbell doesn't have the bull rush in his pass rush repertoire; his power moves rating is 10.


» Linebacker Bobby Okereke

• Overall rating: 66

• Standout rating: Okereke has a stamina rating of 88.

• Ridiculous rating: Running the slant route on offense isn't exactly Okereke's strong suit; he has a medium route running rating of 5.


» Safety Khari Willis

• Overall rating: 66

• Standout rating: Willis has a toughness rating of 90.

• Ridiculous rating: Willis might want to think again if he wants to pitch the ball to a nearby teammate during an interception return; he has a throw accuracy rating on short passes of 6.


» Cornerback Marvell Tell III

• Overall rating: 66

• Standout rating: Tell III has an agility rating of 94.

• Ridiculous rating: Tell III apparently can't handle the heat in the pocket; he has a throw under pressure rating of 11.


» Linebacker E.J. Speed

• Overall rating: 61

• Standout rating: Speed has an acceleration rating of 89.

• Ridiculous rating: Speed isn't exactly Andrew Luck when it comes to avoiding sacks; he has a break sack rating of 12.


» Defensive end Gerri Green

• Overall rating: 64

• Standout rating: Green has a hit power rating of 81.

• Ridiculous rating: Need someone to kick an extra point? Don't utilize Green; he has a 9 kick accuracy rating.


» Tackle Jackson Barton

• Overall rating: 54

• Standout rating: Barton has a toughness rating of 87.

• Ridiculous rating: If Barton ever picks up a fumble, he apparently will immediately be brought down; he has a break tackle rating of 5.


» Center Javon Patterson

• Overall rating: 65

• Standout rating: Patterson has a lead blocking rating of 82.

• Ridiculous rating: You better hope Patterson doesn't handle an onside kick; he has a kick return rating of 10.


For a little more perspective, you can check out the Colts' 2018 draft class' initial "Madden NFL 19" ratings by clicking here.

The Colts new rookies arrived Thursday afternoon for the 2019 Rookie Mini-Camp!

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