Madden NFL 19 Ratings: Colts Rookies

The popular EA Sports Madden video game franchise is back once again with “Madden NFL 19.” How did the game rate the Indianapolis Colts’ rookies this season?

2018 rookies

The ratings are in. How does the 2018 Colts rookie class look on "Madden NFL 19"?

INDIANAPOLIS — As an NFL rookie, it's tough to beat the feeling of playing as yourself in a Madden video game for the very first time (well, maybe other than playing in an actual NFL game).

A good portion of the Indianapolis Colts' rookie class will get to experience that very feeling Aug. 10, when EA Sports' latest installment in the franchise, "Madden NFL 19," is released (you can pre-order the game by clicking here).

Just what will those rookies be up against when they get started in this year's game? We just happen to have the Madden NFL 19 ratings for the entire Colts draft class, as well as undrafted rookie free agent signing Skai Moore. Check 'em out:

» Guard Quenton Nelson

Overall rating: 83

Standout rating: Nelson has a strength rating of 97.

Ridiculous rating: Don't depend on Nelson in man-to-man coverage on defense; he's been assigned a nine in that category.


» Defensive end/defensive tackle Tyquan Lewis

Overall rating: 75

Standout rating: Lewis has an acceleration rating of 89.

Ridiculous rating: Lewis likely shouldn't be used on the go route; he has a deep route running rating of four.


» Guard Braden Smith

Overall rating: 75

Standout rating: Smith has a toughness rating of 93.

Ridiculous rating: Should Smith pick up a fumble, it doesn't seem as though he'll be breaking many defenders' ankles; he has a juke rating of 10.


» Running back Nyheim Hines

Overall rating: 74

Standout rating: Hines is rated a 93 in both speed and acceleration.

Ridiculous rating: The bull rush doesn't seem to be Hines' strength if he were to rush the passer; he's rated a five in power moves.


» Linebacker Darius Leonard

Overall rating: 72

Standout rating: Leonard has a 91 stamina rating.

Ridiculous rating: Looking to throw to Leonard across the middle? Not a good idea, considering his five rating in medium route running.


» Defensive end Kemoko Turay

Overall rating: 72

Standout rating: Turay has an acceleration rating of 88.

Ridiculous rating: Might want to find someone else to return kicks; Turay has a 10 overall rating in that category.


» Running back Jordan Wilkins

Overall rating: 70

Standout rating: Wilkins has an agility rating of 90.

Ridiculous rating: Did your kicker get injured? Wilkins isn't likely your best emergency option; he has a kick accuracy rating of 14.


» Wide receiver Deon Cain

Overall rating: 68

Standout rating: Cain has a speed rating of 91.

Ridiculous rating: Trying to exploit an offensive lineman with a nice finesse move? Cain isn't your best option; he has a 10 rating in that category.


» Wide receiver Reece Fountain

Overall rating: 68

Standout rating: Fountain has a jumping rating of 96.

Ridiculous rating: You're not fooling anyone with Fountain at quarterback; he has a play action rating of six.


» Linebacker Zaire Franklin

Overall rating: 68

Standout rating: Franklin has an injury rating of 91.

Ridiculous rating: Trying to hit a receiver in the flat? Franklin isn't the man for that; he has a throw accuracy rating on short routes of six.


» Linebacker Skai Moore

Overall rating: 65

Standout rating: Moore has a toughness rating of 87.

Ridiculous rating: Trouble in the pocket? Moore likely can't create any magic; he has a throw on the run rating of six.


» Linebacker Matthew Adams

Overall rating: 64

Standout rating: Adams has a hit power rating of 86.

Ridiculous rating: Going deep? Not to Adams; he has a deep route running rating of five.

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