Indianapolis Top-10 in Super Bowl 50 TV Ratings

The ratings for Super Bowl 50 in Indianapolis even beat out the ratings in one of the cities of teams that played in the game.

INDIANAPOLIS --- Super Bowl 50 averaged a 49.0 television rating nationally in metered markets, the second highest Super Bowl rating on record, and among the cities with the highest ratings for Super Bowl 50, Indianapolis cracked the top-10.

Only Super Bowl XLIX last year between the Patriots and Seahawks (49.7 rating) earned a higher average rating than Sunday's big game between the Broncos and Panthers. The overnight ratings for Super Bowl 50 translate to an average of 114.4 million viewers. As the game went on, more people watched, gaining steam from a 44.6 from 6:45-7:00pm to a 51.0 nationally from 10:00-10:15pm.

Of the 56 metered markets in the country, here were the top-10 for Super Bowl 50:

Nashville, TN: 57.7

Norfolk, VA: 56.8

Greensboro, NC: 56.7

Greenville, NC: 56.6

Buffalo, NY: 56.4

Richmond, VA: 56.3

Knoxville, TN: 56.2

Charlotte, NC: 55.9

Minneapolis, MN: 54.6

Indianapolis, IN: 54.6

More households watched Super Bowl 50 in Indianapolis than in Denver, with the Broncos home market registering a 53.9 rating. The Indianapolis rating of 54.6 means 54.6% of households in Indianapolis watched Super Bowl 50.

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