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In Frank Gore, Boom Herron Finds Big Brother and Mentor

For some guys, their team bringing in a star player at their position might be a nightmare. For Colts running back Dan “Boom” Herron, it’s a dream come true.


"It's really been amazing," he said. "I mean, to play with a guy like him, who's been playing the game for such a long time, eleven years, and being successful. I think he has, what, eight years of over 1,000 yards. He's played a lot of great football."

He, of course, is Frank Gore. The veteran running back signed by the Colts from the 49ers in the offseason. A five-time Pro Bowler who, at 32 years old, hasn't missed a start since 2011. 

For Herron, now entering his third season with the Colts, it's not just what Gore brings to the field.

"To be able to learn a lot from him, sitting in meetings and kind of just learn more about the game has been great. He's been a lot of help for us and he's been a great leader for us in our room."

For all the running backs, but especially for Herron, Gore has been more of a big brother in the meeting room, in the locker room, and on the practice field.

"He's helped me a lot. Just kind of seeing things differently. He sees things, I see things. And then if he sees me do something, he kind of corrects me. We kind of help each other out."

You couldn't find two players whose personalities differ more. Herron is an extrovert. Gore is an introvert. Herron is always kidding and laughing. Gore describes himself as a "chill guy." Still, their differing styles don't get in the way of their football or friendship.

And if there's one thing Herron has learned, it's that just because Gore doesn't say much, doesn't mean he doesn't have much to say.       

"He is quiet. But at the same time, once he gets to know you and gets comfortable with you, he opens up a little bit. But any time he does speak, you better believe – you better listen, because it's going to be something very positive and very strong."  

Gore's leadership is apparent. He doesn't have to back it up with hyperbole or rhetoric. He leads by example – by keeping his head down, by working hard, and by inspiring those around him to do the same. 

His influence isn't overlooked by anyone, even the leader of the Colts offense. 

"I think he can do it all and is a great leader," said quarterback Andrew Luck. "It's hard to pick one thing that he adds the most, but I'm just happy for him to be here."

And the feeling is mutual. After playing in his first preseason game against the Chicago Bears at Lucas Oil Stadium on Saturday, Gore had a typical preseason workload for a player of his experience: two carries for ten yards.

"When I got the five yards, I was like, 'Wow, five yards? They go crazy like this,'" Gore said of the crowd. "It was great."

And it's just the beginning – of what Boom Herron expects to be a beautiful relationship.

"Because he wants the best for all of us. He wants the best for this team. And he wants us to be great."

Greatness is as greatness does.

And there's no greater example than Frank Gore. 

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