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How Much Burden or Responsibility Does Andrew Luck Feel as the Franchise QB?

It's a question Andrew Luck answered with a story from college.

INDIANAPOLIS --- It's a quarterback driven league. How much of a burden or responsibility do you feel for this team going as you go?

That was one of the final questions posed to Andrew Luck after Wednesday's practice. Luck's season has been up and down. His 76.2 passer rating currently sits below the 76.5 mark Luck posted his rookie season, but #12 has also flashed the brilliance fans witnessed en route to 40 touchdowns a year ago, after a 4th quarter comeback at Tennessee and three touchdowns in a quarter of game time last week against New Orleans.  

So how much of a burden or responsibility does Luck feel as the franchise quarterback? He answered it like a natural born leader.

"I had a college coach that used to say, 'When you have that ball, imagine every face of the guys on your team is on that ball.'," said Luck Wednesday after practice. "It's the team's ball, and you're entrusted to take care of it."

It's a unique sentiment that perfectly illustrates how Luck views his immense role.

"I've always taken my job seriously and the position seriously," said Luck. "That hasn't changed."


Follow-Up: Is that perspective hard to maintain when the score is not in your favor or the record is not in your that perspective hard to maintain in the heat of the moment?

"That's a good question," said Luck. "There's an element of human nature. I think we're very fortunate to have a head coach who puts a great perspective on things for us. If he notices us straying, in a sense."

Pagano illustrated what Luck was talking about in his press conference Wednesday, resolute in exuding confidence for his quarterback when asked about an aspect of Luck's play recently.

"We all know our starting quarterback has done some great things. Let's not be too quick to judge," said Head Coach Chuck Pagano Wednesday. "12 is going to be fine, and we're going to be fine."

"The great thing about it is you can rely on everybody in this locker room to either pick you up if you're down or help you get forward," said Luck. "That's the beauty of a team sport."

It's not the beauty though of every NFL locker room, but it is in Indianapolis.

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